Case Study: ShootQ Helped Jeremy Chou Follow His Dream


Photo: Jeremy Chou

Jeremy Chou started his career as an architect. He was successful and had a good job, but something was missing: creativity. Initially picking up a camera for a creative outlet outside of work, Jeremy soon booked his first wedding. Then his bookings started to pickup, and after 30 months and nearly 50 weddings, he was able to leave his old job and run his professional photography business full time.

In this case study, you’ll learn:

• How ShootQ helped Jeremy Chou quit his day job and focus on his photography business full time • How ShootQ helped Jeremy Chou build and grow his photography business • How ShootQ helped Jeremy Chou improve customer service • How ShootQ saves Jeremy Chou time and money, so he can shoot more and work less

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Case Study: ShootQ “Just Made Sense” for Carla Ten Eyck’s Business


Photo: Carla Ten Eyck

A ShootQ user for more than five years, Carla Ten Eyck recalls, “It was the only thing at the time. There was so much talk about how to stay organized, how to run your studio, etc. My PUG (Photographer User Group) shared information about ShootQ and discussed it. It’s a very analytical group, so we went through all the pros and cons. Once one of our group members signed up, it picked up like wildfire. It just made sense.”

In this case study, you’ll learn:

• How ShootQ helps Carla Ten Eyck stay organized with all her business information in one place • How ShootQ keeps Carla Ten Eyck connected on the go • How ShootQ gives Carla Ten Eyck peace of mind • How ShootQ allows Carla Ten Eyck to shoot more and work less

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Case Study: Holli B Gets Organized, Collaborates & Manages Her Busy Studio with ShootQ


Photo: Holli B

Holli B started using ShootQ more than five years ago. Previously, she used old-fashioned paper files and checklists to manage her business, but she couldn’t access information and task lists from outside her studio.

In this case study, you’ll learn:

• How ShootQ helps Holli B keep track of multiple shoots, photographers and schedules • How ShootQ allows Holli B to work from anywhere • How ShootQ helped Holli B significantly improve lead tracking and nurturing • How ShootQ helped Holli B grow her business

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Case Study: How Don Bryant Thompson Took Control of His Business with ShootQ

Photo Don Bryant Thompson 2

Photo: Don Bryant Thompson

Before Don Bryant Thompson signed up for ShootQ, he had 500 pounds worth of paper files. His processes were “archaic” and required a lot of unnecessary work. “ShootQ completely changed the way I run my business,” he said. “The tools are fantastic! They got me organized.”

In this case study, you’ll learn:

• How ShootQ helps eliminate excess paper files • How ShootQ automates and streamlines many day-to-day processes • How ShootQ allows its users to work efficiently from anywhere • How ShootQ helps you shoot more and work less

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Case Study: How ShootQ Helped Misty Miotto Go Green & Find Work-Life Balance

Photo Misty Miotto

Photo: Misty Miotto

After 20 years in business, Misty Miotto and her team have an impressive number of weddings to their credit – more than 1,400 and counting. During the busy season, they often shoot six weddings a week! Given this volume, smooth operations are imperative to have any life outside of work.

In this case study, you’ll learn:

• How ShootQ helps reduce paper output to almost nothing • How ShootQ saves valuable time for other important priorities • How ShootQ automates many of your day-to-day business processes • How ShootQ helps you manage your business and stay productive from anywhere

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Need Light? Speedlite! Tour Coming to a City Near You


What does it take to create stunning professional photos over and over again with any type of camera and lenses? Learn from Bob Davis and Stephen Eastwood at one of their Need Light? Speedlite! tour stops, hitting 32 cities across the United States between March 9 and May 29, 2014!

Both recognized as Canon Explorers of Light, Bob and Stephen have mastered Speedlites and used them for countless shoots since the beginning of their careers. They have also taught their unique techniques to numerous students around the world.

“Why speedlites?” The answer: Small lights with BIG possibilities! Both Bob and Stephen want to teach you new ways to think about lighting, so you too can achieve stunning results with small strobes.

The Need Light? Speedlite! tour consists of two parts:

Daytime Workshop The daytime workshop alternates between the two instructors as they breakdown their tested lighting methods and theories equipped with cutting-edge gear along alternates for the same high end gear. Using live models, they will demonstrate their approach to light and photography. After a robust six-hour class, all participants have the opportunity to participate in a free two-hour live shoot, where they get to put their newly acquired skills to use. With four models in four different shooting bays, attendees will not only test what they have learned but also get a chance to create beautiful imagery for their own portfolios. Evening Master Class The second half is a three-and-a-half hour evening master class reserved for anyone who wants to take a deeper approach to photography with speedlites. Coached by Bob and Stephen themselves, participants will get a truly hands-on experience in a limited class size setting, which ensures that each student gets a personalized critique and attention. Students can alter lighting setups, modify speedlites and perfect their own shooting styles.

Watch the trailer, learn more about the tour and reserve your spot today!










  Learn more about Bob Davis (left) and Stephen Eastwood (right).

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Case Study: How ShootQ Helped Molly Marie Grow Her Business


When Molly Marie started her business while she was still in college, she knew she needed a tool to help her manage her clients, appointments and business processes. But she was pleasantly surprised when she got even more with ShootQ.

In this case study, you’ll learn:

• How Molly Marie used ShootQ to help grow her business • How ShootQ can help with lead management and tracking • How easy it is to market your business with ShootQ • How many of your business processes can be automated with ShootQ

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Inspire 2014 Image Contest, Sponsored By ShootQ


Thank you to everyone who entered this year’s Inspire Photo Contest, sponsored by ShootQ. We received some fantastic and diverse entries.

And the winners are …

- First Place: Robert Norman, Robert Norman Photography - Second Place: Laura Dee, Laura Dee Photography - Third Place: David Apuzzo, David Apuzzo Photography

First Place Winner (485 Likes): Photo by Robert Norman, Robert Norman Photography

Second Place Winner (413 Likes): Photo by Laura Dee, Laura Dee Photography

Third Place Winner (196 Likes): Photo by David Apuzzo, David Apuzzo Photography

Photo by Nicki Pardo, Pardo Photo

Photo by Robin Dini, Robin Dini Photography

Photo by Jean Chisser, Photos for Your Life

Photo by Shari Ciarleglio, Face Forward Photography

Photo by Jolene Richard, Oh Snap Photography

Photo by Lou Fernandes, Everlasting Films and Photography

Photo by Olga Maturana, Olga Photo

Photo by Mindy, Everlasting Films and Photo

Photo by Brooke Whicher, Brooke Whicher Photography

Photo by Jennifer Fiereck, J. Fiereck Photography

Photo by Meg Hamilton, Rodeo and Co Photography

Photo by Scott Ferrede, Core Photography

Photo by Mandy Perkins, Mandy Perkins Photography

Photo by Julie Anne Neill, Julie Anne Wedding Photographer

Photo by Kristin Chalmers, Kristin Chalmers Photography

Photo by Patricia Miller, Airen Miller Photography

Photo by Allegra Anderson, Allegra Anderson Photography

Photo by Lynne Reznick, Lynne Reznick Photography

Photo by Sarah Dugan, SMD Photography

Photo by Jayme Verfaillie, J Verfaillie Photography

Photo by Airen Miller, Airen Miller Photography

Photo by Angela Nelson, Angela Nelson Photography

Photo by Brian Friedman, B Freed Photography

Photo by Kristine Foley, Kristine Foley Photography

Photo by Janet Taub, Planet Photo

Photo by David Nedelcu, Nedelcu Photography

Photo by Rebecca Gutwin, Rebecca K Photography

Photo by Laetitia, Tres-Jolie-Photo

Photo by Candy Kempsey, Essential Life Photography

Photo by Robert & Kathleen Trenske, Robert & Kathleen Photography

Photo by Marcus Ingram, Marcus Ingram Photography

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ShootQ Now the Easiest Studio Management Software to Setup


Free One-on-One Setup Assistance Program Gets Photographers Up and Running Faster than Ever!

ShootQ’s mission is to help professional photographers fulfill their artistic dreams while meeting their financial goals. In today’s environment, that means freeing up more time for shoots and brand development. ShootQ allows you to do exactly that, when it is setup properly. That used to take time, which somewhat defeated the mission of the software. Now, it takes a lot less time, thanks to ShootQ’s Setup Assistance program.

ShootQ already offered a “test drive” program that allowed new customers to try it free for a month. However, some customers chose to cancel at the end of the trial, because they found the setup to be a bit too daunting. In response, ShootQ began piloting a Setup Assistance program two months ago and the results have been dramatic.

“ShootQ is a very intuitive system to use once it is setup. However, …

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Slow & Steady Wins the Race: Tips for Marrying Your Client by Brian Friedman


When you’re building your business, you may think that the photos you make are the most important aspect to focus on. Don’t get me wrong, your images are your brand and your integrity, but you might be overlooking a vital component that can help you become more successful: Creating and maintaining solid client relationships!

As someone who has worked for the past decade to develop the relationships that have led me to book and work the gigs of my dreams, I’d like to share a few tips I’ve picked up over the years to help you do the same.

1. Be patient. There is nothing worse than waiting to hear back from a potential client. I know it’s awful to stare at your phone for a call that may never come, but I promise that you’re not doing yourself any favors by constantly trying to make contact—and becoming a nuisance in the …

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