Written by Emily Engle

Today’s Interview is with Julie Weaver of Julie Weaver Photography

*How would you describe your photography style?
I like to describe my style as relaxed and to shoot with emotion….feeling out every situation as unique, and shooting each client’s event as if I am part of their family, documenting their day as it unfolds.

*What is a must read or must see?
Traveling Light by Max Lucado


*What are your work hours?
Office Hours:  M-TH 10am – 2pm…and late in the night to get the serious work done!
Weekends vary!

*What is your favorite thing about Pictage?
PUGS! Love networking, it has brought my business to a new level!


*What lens could you not live without?
My Canon 70 – 200 mm lens!

*How long have you been a photographer?
8 years


*What was your very first job?
Ever?  Before Photography? Floral assistant.
First job as a photographer?  A wedding and reception at a local VFW.  Paper plates and utensils and a buffet of mexican food in foil…VERY painful!

*Most listened to song on your ipod?
Anything by No Doubt in their early years…keeps me pumped while at the gym!  Huge fan of Gwen.  She’s just one cool chick…

*What is a goal for 2008?
To design some new and really beautiful albums from some of my amazing 2007 weddings!


*What is one thing we don’t know about you?
I am the type of friend that brings you homemade chicken noodle soup when you’re sick.

*Who inspires you?
In this industry?  Well, there are so many people who inspire me…but I am most inspired by real, genuine people who are approachable and who are interested in you as a person…not just all about themselves!
Those are the kind of people I like to surround myself with.

*What blog do you stalk?

*Any words of wisdom to share…
Be real.  Put yourself out there.  Ask questions.  Introduce yourself.  Network.  Be confident.  Believe in your work.  Believe in yourself.

Thanks Julie!
The Site – julieweaverphotography.com
The Blog – julieweaverphotography.com/wordpress/

What else do YOU want to know?

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