Pictage Tip of the Week – Yep, it’s Monday! Here we bring you weekly tips brought to you by some of our top photographers and PUG leaders. Many thanks to Cinematic Studios for the filming and production of these clips.

Do you want more control over your Black & White images? Kristin Greenlee talks about tricks she uses to make life easier for both her clients and herself!

Kristin is based in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area of Texas, where she has established Kristin Greenlee Photography. She also happens to be our Dallas PUG leader! Kristin describes her style as emotional photojournalism that honors traditions. She strives to capture evocative heart-felt images with honesty, but also realizes that those more traditional portraits have a time-honored tradition in families’ legacies.

How do you like your Black & Whites?


  • Dave Alton says:

    I think that Kristin has an interesting idea. I would like to know how you go about uploading double the photos. I will typically tone maybe 10% or 15% of my color shots B&W, because that is what they looked like in my head.

    It takes me hours to upload the 1200 – 1500 pictures sometimes a full day as it works out to be about 2.5 gig. If you were to double that or maybe not quite double it will take almost 2 full days to upload photos. How do you have that work in your work flow?


  • Kristin says:

    Hey Dave,
    I always plan my uploads for overnight and although I hear of other people having upload issues, I always wake to find that my event has uploaded with out a problem and usually find it released to me by 9 am or so. If you are on a slower connection or have uploading issues, it would increase that time I suppose. I know one solution many photographers use is an old computer that has long been replaced is used. Just hook up an external harddrive and let it be the upload monster, so you’re not tied up on your working/editing system? Just an idea!

  • wooo hooo Kristen. I love warm contrasty bw too!

  • Jennifer says:

    Hi Kristen! That’s a good idea, uploading both color and b/w. How do you upload side by side images? Or do your clients just see double the number of images, half color, half b/w? Thanks!

  • Hey Jennifer,

    I actually run Image Processor via Tools in Bridge with a black and white action. Then I copy those images into the category folder right next to the color. When it asks if I want to resolve the same name issue, I click Yes to All. Then, I just select all and Batch Rename in Bridge so that the image numbers are color 0001, black and white of same image 0002 and so on. I sometimes go and delete things that are just dumb (like food isn’t always appealing in black and white or flowers for instance) to have in black and white or ones I don’t want to present in color at all before re-numbering. It does kind of make twice the images, but clients don’t’ seem to mind and they really like it!

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