Today’s image was taken by Kevin Swan of Delicious Wedding Photography, Indianapolis PUG leader and Pictage member since 2006.


“This is one of my favorite shots from last year. I was trying to convey Chicago…the couple loves downtown. So I knew I needed the L-Train in a shot. I was in bright sunlight, but knew I wanted to have the motion of the train, so I went to TV mode and set my shutter pretty low: 1/13th of a second. I set my ISO to 50, and the aperture at 18 with my 16-35mm dialed all the way out to 16.

I only did the shot once, took four frames, and this one was the one! I was trying to back-light the couple with the sun, but had NO idea that the sun would be partially visible through the cars of the train as it blurred by. It was one of those happy accidents. It made sense after I saw it, but I certainly didn’t plan for it.

I love their almost angry expressions and the warmth of the brick and the painted steel for the L, topped off with the blue sky.

Lucky shot!”


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