Mingle with Engle & Adam R. Owens


Today’s Mingle is with Adam R. Owens of Perfection Photography, enjoy!


*Describe your photography style: Relaxed Casual & Fun! I spend a lot of time with my clients, from the engagement session to the bridal session etc. I always hope that by the end of the wedding day my “clients” consider us to be friends. I do not advertise in magazines at all. For me it seems that my best referrals are from previous weddings I have shot. My new “friends” are the best advertising around!

*What are your work hours?  I usually start editing my weddings on a Monday & try to have them uploaded to Pictage by Wednesday or Thursday. It is so important to get your images online quickly. The Bride & Groom love to see them while the emotions are so fresh & new. It thrills me when I am contacted by the bride & groom, who have just viewed their photographs while they are still on their honeymoon.

*What is your favorite thing about Pictage?  I love the products that are offered & my clients do as well. My clients always seem to be amazed at how many different things I can offer them. P3 rocks too!*What lens could you not live without?  I must add two! My Nikon 28-70mm 2.8 & my Nikon 180mm 2.8. Both are extremely sharp. I love the bokeh that the 180 produces, the images seem to just pop off the paper.

*How long have you been a photographer? I have been a photographer for over ten years, but I have only been up and running as a business for four. I started taking pictures as a “ZAP guy” in college. I took candid shots at many of the different sorority & fraternity socials, and as they say, the rest is history.

*What was your very first job? I was a bag boy for a local Food World. Great fun! Ha!


*Most listened to song on your ipod? Right now I would have to say it would be Here Is What Is by Daniel Lanois. I saw him perform on the Craig Ferguson Show one night and thought he had a really interesting sound.

*What is a goal for 2008? One goal is to increase my bookings by 25%.


*What is one thing we don’t know about you? I was diagnosed with Ganglioneuroblastoma (a cancerous tumor in my stomach). I went through around fifteen different operations from the age of three until the age of 14. I am now 100% cancer free!

*Who inspires you? David Jay. I love his attitude. He is so concerned about sharing his knowledge with everyone. Second would be Millie Holloman. I hung out with her at the first Partner Con. She is great! I have loved seeing her business grow so much over the last three years. Her happy spirit is so addicting.


*What blog do you stalk? Gizmodo (I love gadgets)!

*If you had a tagline, what would it be? Any words of wisdom to share… Always be looking for ways to better your photography skills. I think that the Partner Con. is so beneficial to all of us photographers. It is so enjoyable to listen and see how other photographers utilize different software, marketing strategies and Pictage to make their business & life run smoother.

View more of Adam’s work

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Ask & Learn Today with Mike Larson!


Session Topic: “Set profit & time goals to have an AMAZING LIFESTYLE, travel the world, and have your business support your DREAM life.”

Mike Larson, an International Photographer known for his “camera toss” on www.cutframetv.com, is here to share with you. Learn about his focus on building personal character, as well as his goals for building a thriving business machine, owning property, increasing profit margins, and working less than 100 days in the office this year. For Mike, this approach has contributed to amazing world travels, repeat destination weddings, enjoyable living, and quality time spent with his wife, family and friends. Mike is known for his belief that, “business is important, and what you don’t know WILL slow you down and hurt your overall business health…you need specific knowledge to grow and to compete in this industry, and to set you apart and raise you above the rest. Remember that the purpose of owning your own business is to enable you to live life to the fullest!” Wherever you’re at in your business, come check this out this week’s Ask and Learn, as Mike is stoked to share his passion with you.

Bio: Mike Larson is an international photographer who began his career traveling the globe in search of exotic locations, amazing surf, and beautiful other cultures to photograph. Since then, he discovered his passion for photographing people who are in love and enjoying life. Mike Larson resides in Southern California, when not traveling. Mike is honored to be sought after to photograph spectacular weddings around the world. His travels and exposure to diversity continue to inspire him to keep a fresh and fun, out side the box approach to wedding photography.

Get your questions ready and join us here today at 4PM(pst). If you’re not already registered for the Pictage Forums, sign up here and check out the community today!

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Inside the Image of Tanja Lippert


Today’s image was taken by Tanja of Tanja Lippert Photography…

“This photo was taken in November, 2006 in Union Square, San Francisco.  I love it because it shows the irony between the homeless man on the street having his meal and the wedding couple who are experiencing the happiest moment of their lives.   This is one of my favorite photos and quite honestly, taken on accident.  I was so focused on shooting the couple heading off to their reception, that I was oblivious to the poor guy on the street!  It was not until I got the proofs back that I realized the shot that I got.

It was shot with Kodak 400CN film in my Nikon F100 camera, most likely f2.0 at around 1/30 to 1/60th a second.”

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Mingle with Engle & Jared Bauman


Today’s Interview is with Jared Bauman of Bauman Photographers…

*Describe your photography style: Well, its difficult to describe my style, but I can definitely say that it is the uniqueness of every couple that inspires me.  Capturing that very uniqueness is what inspires me to be creative, to be different, to break the rules – whatever I need to do to capture them on camera.  I’ve heard the word “comfortable” used a lot to describe my style, and I think I really like that.

*What is a must read or must see? Just finished Harry Beckwith’s “The Invisible Touch”, the sequel to “Selling the Invisible” – that guy is brilliant! 

*What are your work hours? I’m up every day around 7am (morning person) and work from home from about 8:30-10.  I head down to the studio at 10, and usually leave around 4pm, unless I have a photo shoot.  Summers are busier, winters are slower, you know the drill . . .  Unlike many, I don’t work at night, unless to briefly catch up on email – I say that as I’m filling this out at 10:50 pm.

*What is your favorite thing about Pictage? P3 by far – saves my studio sooooo much money every year!  I love the reaction I get when people ask me how much I pay for credit card services, and I smile and say “nothing”.

*What lens could you not live without? Can I pick two?  70-200/2.8 AND 50/1.2

*How long have you been a photographer? How did you get started? I’m in my sixth year of business, although the first three were part time and extremely misguided.  I actually never wanted to be a wedding photographer – I always wanted to be a landscape photographer.  But I was given the opportunity to try it out, and figured it was the next best thing.  It turns out I fell in love with it – lucky for me!

*What was your very first job? Jamba Juice . . . Worked there for two years.  I still have an old Jamba Juice blender in my house and can make a mean smoothie!

*Most listened to song on your ipod? Just checked the iTunes count – “Noticed” by a band called Mute Math out of New Orleans.  If you haven’t seen them live, they are amazing!  Great music to rock out to.

*What is a goal for 2008? What is one thing you have learned in 2008? Our big studio goal for 2008 has been to increase a la carte sales after the wedding, and so far we’ve done an amazing job.  I think we still have a lot of room to grow on that, though, as “sales” isn’t something I’m naturally good at, and finding my way of selling things is still a learning process. 

My personal goal was to give back to the photography community as much as I could, and in tangible ways.  I’m really excited about the speaking tour I’m going on this summer, and I hope I can live out that goal while doing that! 

Something I’ve learned . . .  Well, this year, I have learned the value of taking care of your vendors.  I spent two weeks in Australia this year with three wedding coordinators, and I learned so much about the value of taking care of your vendors.

*What is one thing we don’t know about you? I’ll go down the embarrassing road.  Amongst my circle of friends, there is a term called a “Jared-ism”, which is easier known as messing up commonly used phrases.  I have a habit of doing this quite a bit, and my college roommates still keep track of them.  Last count, they were over 70 . . . Someday they’re going to have enough material for a book!


*Who inspires you? Certain close friends of mine who have mastered finding balance in their life, my pastor, my girlfriend.

*What blog do you stalk? Well, if I was honest, I’d tell you all about my favorite financial and economic blogs, but that probably wouldn’t interest anyone.  I do love to read Dane Sanders’ blog, as I find he is such a giving person, and I always appreciate what he posts.

*If you had a tagline, what would it be? Honesty is always the best policy.


*Any words of wisdom to share… Don’t take work home with you – separate your business life from your personal life.  My business is a personal investment of mine, and its very hard not to take everything personally, both the good and bad.  Lately I’ve been really trying to focus on letting go of the personal side that we all feel for our business’ – it makes everything a lot easier and clearer. 

You are the best Jared, thank you!!

The sites: www.baumanphotographers.com www.jbaumanphoto.blogspot.com www.shootdotedit.com www.jmbphotographs.com

And the speaking tour’s website: www.shootitworkshop.com

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Inside the Image of Davide Greene


This image was taken by David Greene, Pictage member since 2004.

“This image is from one of my favorite engagement shoots ever. It was taken a few years back at an old brick factory that is zoned as city parkland. The couple was a total joy to work with…really adventurous, visually aware and super stylish. Both were ex-models and working in the fine art world. After sneaking through the fence we entered this dilapidated space and I had the couple climb up a stairway to an overhead walkway. I clambered up a lower level piece of equipment holding on for my life and took a few shots of them. We started talking about how some of the roof was missing and as they were looking up at the roof I captured this shot.

Even though part of the roof was missing there was next to no light on this overcast day inside …

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Tip of the Week with Justin & Mary Marantz

Every week we bring you a new tip from one of our many talented Pictage Members. This week’s tip is brought to you by Cinematic Studios.

Justin & Mary Marantz talk today about the little extras that they give to the bride on the morning of their event.

Together, Justin & Mary form Imagine Imaging in Hartford, CT.  It is one of the fastest growing studios on the east coast!  They are also the leaders of our very own Harford PUG!  Their work has been featured in Brides magazine, Grace Ormonde and La Bella.  Recently, Mary and Justin founded the Portrait House in 2006 as  a worldwide fundraising mission to raise money and awareness for Habitat for Humanity.

Tell us your secrets!

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Mingle with Engle & Jeff LaPlante


Today’s Interview is with Jeff LaPlante of Jeff LaPlante Photography… 

*Describe your photography style: I approach weddings as a photojournalist first and foremost. I strive to document the day in an unobtrusive and creative way without posing or interrupting the natural interactions of the couple and their guests. Intermixed with this reportage style I also pre-arrange with my couples a time to create dramatic portraits with more of a fashion look. This includes my day after sessions where we ‘trash the dress’.

*What is a must read or must see? Love is the Killer App by Tim Sanders. This book changed my outlook on competition, community and the closed loop profession that was photography. Thanks DJ!

*What are your work hours? I don’t really have set work hours which sometimes is a problem for me. I ALWAYS have something going on, usually multiple projects, which occupy my time. I’m active in my photography community here in Seattle and often meet with photographers helping them with their workflow or storage issues. Most of my image editing and programming happen in the evenings after my kids are in bed.

*What is your favorite thing about Pictage? I love that Pictage takes care of all of my print fulfillment. Getting a consumer transaction order email from Pictage at all hours of the day telling me I’ve just made several hundred dollars in reprint sales without my having to lift a finger is awesome. *What lens could you not live without? With out a doubt that’d be my Nikkor 200mm f2.0. I fell in love with this lens when Mike Colon let me borrow his while attending his workshop. I bought one a few months later. This lens produces wonderfully smooth bokeh and phenomenal saturated color while maintaining razor sharp depth of field shooting wide open. I’m addicted. No, really.

*How long have you been a photographer? I’ve been a full time photographer for 2 years but I’ve been shooting weddings for 5. *What was your very first job? I began working when I was 16 and needed money for gas, insurance and whatever else 16 year olds need. I started at McDonalds flipping burgers and washing dishes.

*Most listened to song on your ipod? Hmm, good question. iPod or iPhone? I don’t usually listen to single tracks, most of the time I’ll play the whole album. My favorite right now is Maroon 5, It Won’t Be Soon Before Long. *What is a goal for 2008? I have several goals for 2008 but one off the top is to create a few software applications to help photographers take care of their businesses. I’m working on several different projects right now so watch my blog for details.

*What is one thing we don’t know about you? I have a degree in Electrical Engineer Technology

*Who inspires you? I’m inspired by so many people in different parts of my life. My wife inspires me with her undying devotion to our family. As for inspiration from the photographic community I’m inspired by people such as Mike Colon, Joe Buissink, David Jay and so many others. Not only for their creativity but also for their savvy business sense.


*What blog do you stalk? I actually don’t read blogs too much, certainly not to the point of ‘stalking’. I have a ton of blogs on my RSS reader and every so often I’ll go play catch up and see what everyone is up to. I’m addicted to http://www.engadget.com/ and http://www.arstechnica.com/ though. But that’s just because I’m a geek.

*Any words of wisdom to share… Believe in your work and create your own style. Being true to yourself rather than attempting to emulate someone else’s ‘look’ will sustain you in the long run. Inspiration comes from many places and will help to develop your personal style over time. There’s no wrong or right way to see the world through the lens. Pick up your camera and make images! Shoot what fascinates you.

Thank you Jeff for sharing! The site – http://www.jefflaplante.com/ The blog – http://blog.jefflaplante.com/

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Ask & Learn Today with Kristin Greenlee


Topic: “Breaking Out — Principles of Building your Business”

Transitioning from a full time “job” to a full time photographer can be overwhelming. Wondering where to start, how to price, what to tell people, how to spend your time and money can all be daunting to a new photographer. This chat will be of value for all of you who are wondering if you’ll ever get where you really want to be — without risking the livelihood of your family. I’ll share with you the avenues and principles you can apply to build a successful business and transition to your dream career.

Bio: Kristin Greenlee started photographing weddings for other studios while in college at the University of North Texas earning a degree in Fine Arts. After taking a hiatus to focus more on fine art photography, Kristin found her way back to shooting portrait and wedding photography while teaching art in the public school system. When she decided to go full time, she chose to build her business with her own artistic style, learning from the studios she worked with early on and building on the strong business expertise of her accountant husband. Her areas of expertise include mentoring and teaching the photographers she leads in the Dallas/Ft. Worth PUG.

Get your questions ready and join us here at 4pm (Pacific Standard Time)

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Inside the Image of Chris Beard


Today’s image was taken by Chris Beard of Chris Beard Photography and Pictage member since 2006.  He is also the new Toronto PUG leader!

“We were shooting Joy and Chris’ wedding at a park in Niagara Falls that had these really cool hedges with archways cut into them. I had them stand in one of the archways and let the sun illuminate the leaves in the background. We had told the wedding party to go on ahead to our next location while we got a few shots here, so it was fairly intimate with no one else around.

I told Chris and Joy that I was going to grab a new card from my bag, and that the shot we were going for was simply them enjoying each other – very tender, very soft.

I walked over to grab the card, but glanced over my shoulder just before reaching my bag, and I’m so glad that I did, because I saw them in this pose! I knew this was the one, and hoped I had a few frames left on the card. I forgot about getting the new card and immediately shot off a few frames. I’m so glad I did, because as soon as they heard the camera they looked over at me, and that moment was gone. They laughed and said they didn’t know I had started shooting to which I said “that was amazing! You guys are going to love it!”

Looking at the shot now, it was beyond what I thought it could be! Everything was perfect, her veil, the way her earring was dangling, the placement of her hand on the back of his neck, the lighting…wow! I’m honestly getting goose bumps sitting here thinking about it. There is so much emotion in this image…I love it!

Definitley one of my favourite images of the day!

Image info Shot with a Nikon D2X 1/90sec 2.8 ISO 100 Converted to custom sepia in Lightroom.”

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Jules Bianchi Tip – Create Personalized Categories

Happy Monday! Time for the Pictage Tip of the Week! Here we bring you weekly tips brought to you by some of our top photographers and PUG leaders. A huge thanks goes out to Cinematic Studios for the filming and production of these clips.

How do you categorize your images on Pictage? Jules Bianchi has some awesome tips on how to make it easy and fun for event guests to find the images they’re looking for.

Jules of Jules Bianchi Photography has led seminars at Pictage Partner Conference for the past 3 years along with workshops at the Digital Wedding Forum Convention in Las Vegas in 2006. She also started up Jules Cafe, where she helps out numerous other photographers with mentoring and hot tips. Jules is our Los Angeles PUG leader and has been featured in prestigious magazines such as Los Angeles Wedding Magazine, Bride and …

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