Today’s image was taken by Shyla of Shyla Photography and Pictage member since 2006…


“This Image was shot of an Indian Bride at a fashion show in LA. I was on assignment for gown designer Amal H. from Amal of Beverly Hills and I got a little bored shooting the exact same thing on the runway so I decided to try to get a little creative.
Two main spotlights illuminated the runway, but this look was achieved by metering for the skin in the hottest part of the spotlight, shooting at a low ISO, and manually adjusting my white balance to counter the blue cast given off by the lights. Shot with Nikon, skin tones tend to be warmer by nature, but manually adding more yellow allowed for the warmth and depth that made the bride’s skin and clothing similar color values creating the look you see above.

Further specifications: 50mm lens at f 1.8, 1/200″

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