Topic: “Breaking Out — Principles of Building your Business”

Transitioning from a full time “job” to a full time photographer can be overwhelming. Wondering where to start, how to price, what to tell people, how to spend your time and money can all be daunting to a new photographer. This chat will be of value for all of you who are wondering if you’ll ever get where you really want to be — without risking the livelihood of your family. I’ll share with you the avenues and principles you can apply to build a successful business and transition to your dream career.

Bio: Kristin Greenlee started photographing weddings for other studios while in college at the University of North Texas earning a degree in Fine Arts. After taking a hiatus to focus more on fine art photography, Kristin found her way back to shooting portrait and wedding photography while teaching art in the public school system. When she decided to go full time, she chose to build her business with her own artistic style, learning from the studios she worked with early on and building on the strong business expertise of her accountant husband. Her areas of expertise include mentoring and teaching the photographers she leads in the Dallas/Ft. Worth PUG.

Get your questions ready and join us here at 4pm (Pacific Standard Time)

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  • Lindsay Whittenberg says:

    Hey! I was just checking out pictage for the first time and here you are! Congratulations!!! I guess if it’s good enough for you, it’s good enough for me!

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