Every week we bring you a new tip from one of our many talented Pictage Members. This week’s tip is brought to you by Cinematic Studios.

Justin & Mary Marantz talk today about the little extras that they give to the bride on the morning of their event.

Together, Justin & Mary form Imagine Imaging in Hartford, CT.  It is one of the fastest growing studios on the east coast!  They are also the leaders of our very own Harford PUG!  Their work has been featured in Brides magazine, Grace Ormonde and La Bella.  Recently, Mary and Justin founded the Portrait House in 2006 as  a worldwide fundraising mission to raise money and awareness for Habitat for Humanity.

Tell us your secrets!

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  • Fed says:

    COOKIES!! When we sit down to go over pricing we bring a little gift with a bunch of little things, one thing in the package is a few cookies to snack on while we chat. Then after they book us we send over a thank you and a box of cookies(we make sure to send the flavor they commented on during the meeting).

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