This image was taken by David Greene, Pictage member since 2004.


“This image is from one of my favorite engagement shoots ever. It was taken a few years back at an old brick factory that is zoned as city parkland. The couple was a total joy to work with…really adventurous, visually aware and super stylish. Both were ex-models and working in the fine art world. After sneaking through the fence we entered this dilapidated space and I had the couple climb up a stairway to an overhead walkway. I clambered up a lower level piece of equipment holding on for my life and took a few shots of them. We started talking about how some of the roof was missing and as they were looking up at the roof I captured this shot.

Even though part of the roof was missing there was next to no light on this overcast day inside of this space, so everything was shot wide open at iso 1600. The combination of these things give it the feel of a unique film still look, which I love.”

Settings: ISO 1600, 1/25th @ f/2.8
Canon 20D with 24-70mm 2.8 lens (67mm focal length)


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