It’s Monday again, and time for another Pictage Tip of the Week! This feature is where we bring you photograpy, buisness and Pictage tips from some of our top photographers and PUG leaders. Special thanks to Cinematic Studios for the filming and production of these clips.

Jared Bauman heads up the awesome team know as Bauman Photographers based in San Diego, CA. In 2007, Bauman Photographers work was featured on the covers of “Ceremony” and “San Diego Bride and Groom” magazine. Perhaps the most important thing to note is Jared’s passion for his craft. He considers his work a joy and an honor.

Jared couldn’t have gotten this far without his fantastic referral base. Check it out as he talks about when to cut deals with clients, and what that will do for your business.

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  • Trevor says:

    I don’t believe in cutting deals at the time of booking…..EVER. Even if it’s a wedding that’s taking place in the middle of the week. There’s too much risk at loosing integrity by cutting deals. I work just as hard at weddings that I do during the week as I do on the weekend, and my work is still worth just as much.

    By cutting a deal, you’re really saying to the customer “I’m over priced”. Once you open up the door for discounts, your entire relationship with that client will be about giving discounts.

    If there’s ever negotiating in my studio, it’s on products purchased AFTER the wedding…and ONLY if there’s a LOT of stuff being purchased. For instance, someone upgrading a 20pg album to a 60pg or 80pg album might be offered a 5% or 10% break IF they finalize their order within a week. But, even then, I’d much rather toss in something free for them instead of giving them a discount. Just give them something that has a really high retail value, with very little out of pocket cost.

    When I do this, I know that the “deal” will get around to others….and I’m fine with it. Because, it’s a deal that I’d be happy to offer anyone who is interested in upgrading their book to a large page count. In fact, I always hope that my clients will tell others about the discount they got on their album…..because what they’re really doing is encouraging their friends to do a massive album upgrade just like they did 🙂

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