Session Topic: Relational Affluence: The Value of Relationships in Building your Business.

Out with the old, in with the new! The old way of doing business was competition and direct mailers. The new way of doing business is communication and blogging! The old way consisted of keeping secrets. The new way consists of sharing them!

Successful businesses stem from successful relationships. Relational affluence must exist on several levels: personally, locally, and nationally. Whether it’s with a partner, a client, a vendor, or an industry CEO, each relationship is an investment vital to the growth of your business.

Nathan and Amber will not only share how you can develop key relationships but also how to harness the power of those relationships to further your business in the industry.

Biography : Holritz Photography was a hobby turned profession for Nathan and Amber Holritz. Nathan & Amber photographed their first wedding in 2002 with a couple of consumer cameras and an asking price of $300. In 2005, they photographed close to 40 weddings, as they focused on bringing modern wedding photography to the small town of Chattanooga, TN. Utilizing the unique perspective of a husband and wife team, Nathan and Amber reside in Chattanooga with their two beautiful children.

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