Speaker Spotlight – Justin & Mary Marantz


The Marantz’s are presenting on “Creating Loyalty Beyond Reason, Version 2.0”

What are the top 3 things you want attendees to take from your presentation? 1. The power of momentum! So many times in business it can feel like we’re just pushing and pushing and getting nowhere. It’s all we can do to just keep our heads above water. But we want to help people figure out and focus on the things that really matter. The things that will help take that weight off their shoulders, grow their business exponentially, and take the work out of getting bookings. It really doesn’t have to be this hard! We’ve seen this happen in our own business and everything that’s happened in just the past two years. That’s the thing about momentum…once you get it going; it’s amazing how quickly you can pick up speed.

2. Life is won and lost in the small steps: In …

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Ask & Learn Wednesday with Chris & Katie Humphreys


Session Topic: Creating Images with Impact

Chris and Katie will explain how photographers create better images with greater impact by broadening their understanding in the areas of depth, lighting, and perspective. Those who employ these creative techniques set their work apart from an ever-increasing crowd of photographers. Those who find ways to add impact in the camera will create more memorable images than those who rely mainly on post processing techniques in an attempt to stand apart. Chris and Katie will talk about proven techniques to enable each photographer to enhance the impact of their own images while maintaining and developing their own sense of style.

Bio: Chris & Katie Humphreys

Chris got his unlikely start in wedding photography three years ago, when he met David Jay while shooting for his college newspaper. With Jay’s help and encouragement, Chris started Chris Humphreys Photography in the summer of 2004. He and his wife …

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Speaker Spotlight – Carlos Baez



What are the top 3 things you want attendees to take from your presentation? 1. A fire in them to go out to be the best. 2. I don’t want them to doubt who they are. 3. To laugh and feel alive with their photography.

What’s your favorite thing about Partner Conference Los Angeles? You cannot beat the group of people that come together for 1 purpose, to pass on to those who want to learn.

What is the best advice you can give someone who has never attended a Pictage Partner Conference? Please go, it will be the best investment of your time and money, especially with the amount of speakers you will hear, but also all the new friends you will make.

Besides your own presentation who would you like to hear? Sara France, Robert Evans, Dane Sanders, Jared Platt, Joe Buissink, Mike Colon, and Me Ra Koh.

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Tip of the Week with Loren Scott


Loren Scott shares with us a few tidbits about Pictage PicBooks. Check it out and let us know why YOU use them!

Loren is a versatile photographer, experienced with many different genres of photography, with a primary focus on high-end wedding documentation. Also well known for his fashionably-flattering maternity photography, Loren typically enjoys repeat clients where he is asked to document the pregnancy and birth after documenting the wedding. Loren Scott Photography is located in Murrieta, CA.

Video Produced by Cinematic Studios.

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Speaker Spotlight – Liana Lehman


Liana Lehman’s presentation is all about “Money, Lies, and Photography.”

What are the top 3 things you want attendees to take from your presentation? 1) Some of the essential not-glamorous business actions every small business owner needs to take so that they don’t end up losing tons of money, owing years of back-taxes, and deep in debt. 2) How to price so you can still make money and be competitive (using the big equation and three pricing methods) 3) Common lies about money and photography we (and the industry) tell ourselves and how to overcome these.

What’s your favorite thing about Partner Conference Los Angeles? The people of course!! Since it’s a smaller conference than many, it’s much easier to meet people and build lasting relationships. I met my core group of photography friends back at the 1st Annual Conference in 2005 and we’ve been getting together multiple times a year since. …

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Ask & Learn Wednesday with Dane Sanders


Session Topic: Leveraging Technology to Brand Your Business

Dane will de-mystify our times and offer tangible tools to help you sort through the value filters you need to make brilliant branding and marketing decisions without ever spending a dime on advertising.

Bio: Dane Sanders

Dane is in the midst of his fourth year of shooting weddings professionally and has been with Pictage since he began. He was one of the founding members of the now world famous OpenSourcePhoto Forum and has found his greatest joy in creating images around life’s most meaningful moments. Dane’s efforts have recently been recognized in such noteworthy publications as Professional Photographer and Rangefinder Magazines. He was also recently selected to be one of a handful of photographers highlighted in Lou Jacob’s upcoming book on Modern Wedding Photography. That said, he is probably most well known for his “Photo Minute” video podcasts that he began in 2006.

**Get …

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Tip of the week with Jules Bianchi

Staying on Schedule and Keeping it Cool

How do you make sure everything stays on schedule on the wedding day? Jules Bianchi shares some jewels on how to keep it cool – especially when things don’t go according to plan.

Jules of Jules Bianchi Photography has led seminars at Pictage Partner Conference for the past 3 years along with workshops at the Digital Wedding Forum Convention in Las Vegas in 2006. She also started up Jules Cafe, where she helps out numerous other photographers with mentoring and hot tips. Jules is our Los Angeles PUG leader and has been featured in prestigious magazines such as Los Angeles Wedding Magazine, Bride and Bloom, the Knot, Your Wedding Day and Ceremony.

Video Produced by Cinematic Studios.

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Mingle with Engle & David Esquire


Describe your photography style or words that describe your brand? I believe that my style is best phrased as Romantic & Artistic. I also bring a crazy/uber high amount of energy that I am naturally blessed with. I also combine the excitement and out of the box thinking that came from shooting extreme sports for many years and the entertainment/fashion/modeling industry.

What is a must read or must see? I would suggest any photography or photographic art magazine out of Europe. They have fewer ads in them – which is very dissimilar to pretty much anything printed in the US. For a must see, I would HIGHLY recommend the following movies: Moulin Rouge, Matrix Trilogy, Amadeus, Love Actually, Shakespeare in Love, Ever After, Romeo & Juliet, Much Ado About Nothing, The Original Highlander Movie, Prince; Sign O The Times, Joe Photo’s Show & Tell, Mike Colon’s 4 Day Experience, Gary Fong’s Getting Rich …

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Speaker Spotlight – Chris & Katie Humphreys


Chris and Katie’s presentation is on “Everything that is watched improves.” What are the top 3 things you want attendees to take from your presentation? 1. First, it’s so easy to subconsciously assume that the success of our business is simply measured in dollars and cents.  But if our goal is to maintain continual growth, it’s got to be more three dimensional than that.  We want photographers to become consistently focused on three different areas of their business that they can watch that will lead to sustained growth: relationships, money, and time.


2. Beyond that, we want to empower photographers by giving them systems they’ll need to develop their business.  We see that development as having three steps: Watch. Analyze. Grow.

3. Finally, whether you’re an established studio or a new photographer, you can further thrive by systemizing your growth for the long term.  We want all photographers- regardless of what phase they’re in – to …

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Inside the Image of Rodolfo Arpia


Today’s Image was taken by Rodolfo Arpia of Rodolfo Arpia Photographer and founder of forodefotografos.com. He has been a Pictage member since 2006.

“This is one of my own favorite images of all time and I think the main reason why is because I wasn’t supposed to shoot it!

This is a wedding I shot with my buddy Andrew Van Gundy in Palm Springs at the Sandacre Estate. One of the most talked-about celebrity romances of Hollywood’s Golden Age was that of Marilyn Monroe and baseball legend Joe DiMaggio. The Sandacre Estate was the place where the couple went when they wanted to escape their hectic celebrity lives.

We asked the bride to go up the stairs (Marilyn Monroe’s master suite was there) so we could shoot her coming down, we were running late for the ceremony so she went up running and when I saw that from a distance I reacted and …

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