Ask & Learn Wednesday with Carlos Baez

Session Topic: See The Light – Passion, Fashion and Inspiration It takes more than numbers to keep yourself going in the wedding market, it takes deep rooted passion, knowing your style; where you came from and where you want to go. Don’t end up as a photographer having a “break down” due to lack of inspiration. Finding and listening to your inner voice can keep you going with as much energy and vigor as you did the first time you picked up a camera. Today’s wedding photography market is competitive, and shooting with available light is simply not enough to separate your imagery in the market place. With many photographers’ images looking the same, how can you stand out? Fashion photography is consistently molding what the savvy client is expecting. With the use of many types of lighting, your images can stand out and bring a new edge to your style.

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Podcast with Carlos Baez

Today we’re happy to bring you Carlos Baez, a nationally recognized speaker amongst his peers in photography. Plus, if you haven’t heard it yet, check out last week’s podcast with Marc Weisberg!

We decided to take Ask & Learn Wednesdays one step further and create a “get to know you” Podcast. Each week Sara France will personally interview Industry Photography leaders, our very own Pictage Partner Conference speakers! Each Tuesday we will post a video intro and the full podcast here on the blog. Then you’ll have a day to listen to the interview and think of all the questions you can come up with for the Ask & Learn tomorrow at 4pm!

This week we feature Pictage Photographer Carlos Baez on the topic “See the Light – Passion, Fashion and Inspiration”. Check out the video first, then download the podcast down below to hear the inside scoop! To top it off …

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Inside the Image of Lauren Cohn-Frankel


Thank you Lauren of Lauren Cohn-Frankel Photography for today’s Image. Lauren is our San Francisco PUG leader and has been a Pictage member since 2005.

“This image was part of a night engagement session I shot with my couple Karen and David, whose wedding is going to be November 08.  We were running around San Francisco, looking for places with cool evening lights to incorporate in the shots such as theater marquees, bars with neon signs, strip clubs, etc.  It was also raining.  I had my assistant with me holding my off camera flash (a Qflash T2 with a spot grid to narrow the beam) on the couple for supplemental lighting–he would usually stand about 45 degrees between me and the couple, so the flash would illuminate them on the side facing the camera, but occasionally I would have him go behind them to rimlight or backlight them.

Anyway, we had just gotten done doing a series on Mission at some cool bars and were trying to find our cars, when I spotted this doorway.  I loved the ironwork scrolls and the overheard light.  I had Karen and David stand right under the light and hold each other real close, and was firing off a few test shots to see what the ambient was like while my assistant fiddled with getting the flash ready.   I had the shutter speed low to absorb as much light as possible and was counting on the flash to freeze out any blur from that.

Then out of the corner of my eye I noticed this guy with an umbrella walking by and I didn’t think, I just brought the camera up and shot, and I got just one shot with him in the frame (he was walking fast).  The couple was totally wrapped up in themselves, we had been shooting for awhile and they had gotten very good by then at just ignoring everything around them, as I had asked them to.  And the guy, I think he was totally oblivious, or just too in a hurry to care what we were doing–most people when you’re shooting on the street will either walk around you or wait until you say it’s ok for them to go, which is annoying, because then they distract the couple and I would usually rather they just step in front and get it over with.   Once he was gone, the flash was ready and we resumed shooting with the original shot idea (and I’ve included a 2nd shot to show what that looked like).

When I got home and looked at the images I just fell completely in love with this one–I love how the mystery guy is kind of blurry and very dark and blends into the walls around the edges of the frame, and how the blurriness plus some black object on the wall behind him blends with the shape of his nose, making him look almost witchlike.  The black and white umbrella echoes the black and white tiles and its curved shape echoes the shape of the doorway.  It’s kind of surreal and not typical for engagement shots, but still it shows that romantic theme of “us against the world”, and it’s sexy. 

I love shots like this that are the unexpected result of something spontaneous, or even a mistake, that give you something way more, deeper, than what you thought you were trying to get at the time.  Sometimes they can serve to tell part of the story that you weren’t consciously aware was there in the first place.  It is only recently that I started allowing these kinds of shots into my website portfolio en masse, and now that I did, I wish I had done it years ago.  Being upfront about my affinity for these offbeat, intense images–regardless of whether they are “wedding-y” enough–gets me couples that are more likely to think outside the box, who have awesome, fascinating weddings, and are more willing to trust me and value me for the ways in which I am unique.

Settings: 1/50th sec f2.8 24mm (24-70mm f2.8L lens) ISO 1250 Processed and converted to b/w in Lightroom”

Here is the 2nd one:

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Ask & Learn Wednesday with Marc Weisberg

Session Topic: Turning Pixels into Profit – How to Start a Profitable Family Portrait Studio Turning Pixels into Profit is a show and tell experience of how Marc Weisberg Studio branched out from the bread and butter of wedding photography and launched a successful hybrid studio focusing on high-end family environmental family portraits and high-end weddings. Topics covered will include but not be limited to: what gear he uses to create studio quality photography on location, getting your family portfolio together, some of the marketing materials he uses, how he markets his services (relationships are the key!), creating the ultimate, high touch, client experience, creating client advocates and cheerleaders, and what are the deal makers and the deal breakers.

Bio: Marc’s passion for people and photography and his easy-going personality have earned him the trust of families and clients worldwide. Marc Weisberg Studio is an international, award-winning, wedding and family-portrait and studio based …

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Pictage Podcast with Marc Weisberg

Today we’re happy to bring you international, award-winning, wedding and family-portrait and studio photographer Marc Weisberg.

We decided to take Ask & Learn Wednesdays one step further and create a “get to know you” Podcast. Each week Sara France will personally interview Industry Photography leaders, our very own Pictage Partner Conference speakers! Each Tuesday we will post a video intro and the full podcast here on the blog. Then you’ll have a day to listen to the interview and think of all the questions you can come up with for the Ask & Learn tomorrow at 4pm!

This week we feature Pictage Photographer Marc Weisberg on the topic “Turning Pixels into Profit – How to start a Profitable Family Portrait Studio”. Check out the video first, then download the podcast down below to hear the inside scoop! To top it off Marc will be on the forum tomorrow for Ask & Learn …

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Tip of the week with Jared Bauman


When first starting up your business there are two main strategies to consider – referrals and advertising. Jared talks about the importance of advertising, and when to use it.

Jared Bauman heads up the awesome team know as Bauman Photographers based in San Diego, CA. In 2007, Bauman Photographers work was featured on the covers of “Ceremony” and “San Diego Bride and Groom” magazine. Perhaps the most important thing to note is Jared’s passion for his craft. He considers his work a joy and an honor.

Video Produced by Cinematic Studios.

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Inside the Image of Paul Manke


Today’s image was taken by Paul of Paul Manke Photography and Pictage member since 2005…

“Last year I was working as the official photographer for a local bridal shop. On weekends I would meet & greet brides at the store and do an occasional booking. One afternoon the store was kind of slow and I was starting to get bored. I can’t be without my internet you know, and yes, it was pre-iPhone! So I pulled out my camera and started shooting details around the store. I got some nice portfolio stuff that day. I finally found this great pair of shoes and tiara, dropped them down on the back of a dress. I shot a couple frames. When I stood up there were 3 brides watching what I was doing. I showed them the back of my camera…all three booked that day!”

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Mike Larson on F-Stop Beyond

Check out the audio interview Ron Dawson of F-Stop Beyond does with Mike. They hit on everything from Mike’s love of surfing to his patented spinning camera trick! Or check out the post directly on F-Stop Beyond.

Mike Larson is an international photographer who began his career traveling the globe in search of exotic locations, amazing surf, and beautiful other cultures to photograph. Since then, he discovered his passion for photographing people who are in love and enjoying life. Mike resides in Southern California, when not traveling. He is honored to be sought after to photograph spectacular weddings around the world. Mike’s travels and exposure to diversity continue to inspire him to keep a fresh, fun and outside the box approach to wedding photography.


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Inside the Image of Curt Apanovich


Today’s images and story were given to us by by Curt of Curt Apanaovich Moving Images…

“I went to Canada to shoot a Trash the Dress session for a couple. This couple was married a few months ago, and haven’t seen or heard from their photographer since then…. and they haven’t seen any wedding photos either!!!

A member of told me about the story, and I asked if they wanted to shoot a “Burnout” shot with a car spinning the tires (something I’ve been wanting to shoot). The couple was really excited to do the shoot (and actually have photos of them in their wedding outfits).

I flew to Canada, met up with 6 members of the, and everyone helped out for the shoot (moving lights, videotaping behind the scenes, etc) We got some great shots, and the couple is Really happy we did this.”

Also, check out the video clip from one of the burnouts:

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Ask & Learn Wednesday with Me Ra Koh & Brian Tausend


Session Topic: Photo Coaching What does the $2K wedding photography package have in common with a $20K package? The answer: At some point the bride looks at the photographer and says, “Now what do you want me to do?” If you have ever been faced this question and felt your mind go blank, this session is for you. Me Ra and Brian will demonstrate and teach the different strategies they use as they Photo Coach their clients into a place of being able to relax in front of the camera. Learn how their use humor, reflection, and props to help evoke their client’s natural beauty and capture the story of their wedding day.

Bio: Brian and Me Ra lead a creative team of associate photographers for their award winning studio, Me Ra Koh Photography. Their studio’s images have been featured on Oprah, VH1′s Fabulous Weddings, and Martha Stewart TV. They are also proudly sponsored by Sony, Adobe and Pictage. In 2008, Grace Ormonde’s premier Wedding Style magazine named Brian and Me Ra one of their Masters of Craft photography teams.

In 2007, Me Ra Koh Productions began with a running start. Refuse to Say Cheese and Beyond the Green Box, are their popular instructional DVDs. DVD 3 and 4 are in the works now! They have also received wonderful reviews and raves for their business minded 101 Kits. These kits share the nuts and bolts to how to start, or expand, your wedding/portrait business.

**Get your questions ready and join us Here today at 4PM(pst). If you’re not already registered for the Pictage Forums, sign up here and check out the community today!

4pm-6pm(PST) on the Pictage Forums

Upcoming Speakers: Don’t miss other Pictage Partner Conference Speakers every following Wednesday from 4pm – 6pm Pacific Time

10-22-2008 Marc Weisberg

Ever wonder about the difference between Photo Coaching and Photojournalism? Brian gives us his take in the video below! Video Produced by Cinematic Studios and the amazing Ron Dawson!

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