Today’s podcast features worldwide Pictage photographer, Davide Greene. On this episode, Davide will discuss how to make the most of the resources that are at your finger tips. With Pictage, you can get away from the endless cycle of overwork and burnout that most photographers are falling into today. You will also learn how to start or re-craft your approach to marketing and create a style that will attract the type of clients you love to work with…helping you build a constantly growing business that will give you stability into the future.

(Also, if you haven’t heard it yet, check out last week’s podcast with Dane Sanders.)

We decided to take Ask & Learn Wednesdays one step further and create a “get to know you” Podcast. Each week Sara France will personally interview industry leading photographers. As you know, each Tuesday we will post a video intro and the full podcast here on the blog.

Then you’ll have a day to listen to the interview and think of all the questions you can come up with for the Ask & Learn tomorrow at 4pm!

Today’s intro is brought to you by Dare Dreamer Media.

Check out their video first, then download the podcast down below to hear the inside scoop!
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Now, don’t forget to join the Ask & Learn tomorrow at 4pm (pst) to say hello and get your questions answered.  


  • paul says:

    love it so funny bro — cant ait to see more Davide Greene ”

  • If I had one big “lucky break” in making my business successful it was meeting Davide Greene. Today I booked 2 big weddings charging 2 1/2 times what I did a year ago and that never would have happened with out Davide’s teachings & encouragement. Thank you so much!

  • Amazing!!! One of the best Podcast. I just added to my catalog the custom print option. Never had a understanding of how it works. I am going to work hard to make more of my orders in the future
    Thank you for sharing David and thank you Sara for doing the great job you do. We are lucky to be part of the Pictage family

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