Pictage Podcast – Mike Colón

In this new episode Mike Colón discusses the state of the industry and what photographers in any market can do now to grow their business and maximize revenues.  Mike outlines the process of how he started and built his business, and reveals the specific key steps he took to get to this point in his career.  This conversation is packed with information about the best ways to learn and grow, and provides priceless tips on how to be successful during these challenging economic times. 


You can learm more about Mike and his work at: www.mikecolon.com

Click the player below to listen to Mike’s interview with Sara.  Join in the conversation — Share your ideas and feedback in the comments!


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Visual Exploration – An Interview with Will Jacks

I was recently speaking with a small group of fellow photographers and was surprised to learn that the majority of them couldn’t remember the last time they had taken-on a personal project, or just gone out to shoot for themselves. All of them, however, agreed that they felt most nourished and re-charged when shooting for the sole purpose of creating art vs. working just for the sake of a commission.

Staying connected to one’s passion for the visual arts is an important topic, and Pictage photographer and community leader Will Jacks is somebody I‘ve long admired when it comes to this subject. Will spoke last year at our Pictage Partner Conference about leveraging personal projects to enhance your brand. Numerous attendees of his session said they were inspired by Will’s assertion that focusing on personal projects will help them find their voice and stay connected with their passion.

Will …

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Pictage Podcast – Jamie Karlin


The Pictage community is filled with successful, amazingly talented photographers that have great insights and experiences to share.  Episode 27 of the Pictage Podcast features accomplished photographer, Jaime Karlin.

In this episode Jamie Karlin of Jamie K Photography discusses a largely un-tapped revenue stream that will take you by surprise. If you’re a wedding photographer looking to double your revenue this is an episode you will not want to miss.  Jamie reveals how you can bring a high level of creativity and originality to this growing client base.  She also address misperceptions in the industry that may be blocking you from creating this business for yourself. 

As a husband and wife team, Jamie and Jason run their boutique studio out of Livingston, New Jersey with an additional office in New York City. They specialize in photography that moves their clients by creating images that capture the unforgettable moments of their most unforgettable …

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Pictage Podcast – Sara France

Today’s episode features our very own podcast host and community leader, Sara France.  Pictage photographer, Steve Depino will be flipping the script on Sara about her “Apple Core” presentation. Sara discusses her Apple studio and explains which products can give you the most bang for your buck. Do you want to get rid of the PCs in your studio and don’t know how? Let Sara show you how to make all of your Apple products work together including software such as the new push e-mail, calendar, contacts, iWork, iDVD, iPhoto, Aperture, Quicken, and everything else you need to run your business.   Sara also reviews all the latest technologies like the iPhone, iTouch, and Apple TV.But, it’ not all about Apple.  Sara shares some very specific and useful information about her Pictage workflow, as well as which products and services have helped to grow her business.   Today’s intro is brought to you …

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Pictage Podcast – Jim Rode

In this week’s podcast, Sara interviews Dallas wedding photographer Jim Rode.

In the podcast, Jim will detail how to create and package an elaborate “Engagement Safari,” an event almost as important as the wedding, bringing you new revenue!

• Enhance you and your Client wedding’s perceived value • In-Source and grab those “Vegas” clients • Create a “Demand for You” before they plan the wedding! • Bring in “Weekday” revenue –not just Weekend dollars • Get two families to that Pictage-posted engagement, and get them to register for that wedding event!

Today’s intro is brought to you by Dare Dreamer Media.

Check out their video first, listen to the podcast below, then make sure to leave a comment for Jim!

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Now, don’t forget to join the Ask & Learn tomorrow at 4pm (pst) to say hello and get your questions answered.

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