An Amazing Opportunity!


Pictage photographers Mike Colon and Jim Davis-Hicks of Thirst Relief are partering with Grace Ormonde on a once-in-a-lifetime Tanzanian benefit shoot — and you can be a part of it!

Click HERE for all the details.

You and twelve other photographers can join Mike and Jim shooting designer gowns on location in Tanzania to benefit Thirst Relief. Help build and deliver the life-saving Thirst Relief Bio-Sand Water Filters. Top it all off with Grace Ormonde Wedding Style Magazine featuring the whole trip in her Spring/Summer 2010 issue!

Here’s how you can get involved: Join in the RAFFLE now until June 11! Bid on the auction on June 8 – 9 …

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Pictage Podcast – The Youngrens

In this episode Sara France gets together with The Youngrens to talk about our industry. Along with a discussion of current and upcoming trends, Jeff & Erin discuss how the community has helped them build their business so rapidly, and they offer insights on the experiences of being newlyweds and building a business together.

Jeff also provides details about a unique process he uses to determine the best use of Pictage products and services for their business, and how sticking with the basics has been a powerful strategy for them.

Don’t miss this authentic interview with an authentic couple who love what they do!

Listen to the podcast below and make sure to leave a comment for Jeff & Erin!


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Pictage Podcast – David Esquire

This week Sara France talks with David Esquire of Esquire Photography and Camera Dojo.  David shares some incredible ideas on how to use Pictage Products to market your business and your images.

David also goes into detail about the many ways that he creates a relationship of trust with his clients — from the moment that he meets them all the way through the process and how that has helped his business to evolve and grow.  

There are incredible tips and valuable ideas in this week’s episode.  Don’t miss it!  

Listen to the podcast below and make sure to leave a comment for David!

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Pictage Podcast – Steve Depino

This week’s podcast features Steve Depino. You may remember Steve as the stand in host of our Podcast a couple weeks ago when he interviewed our host Sara France. This week she turns the tables on him.

Sara finds out the interesting story of how Steve was thrust into wedding photography by Modern Bride and how he was able to hit the ground running. Steve shares who and what inspires him, personal projects, and what he feels is the most important thing you can do when getting started in the industry.

Also don’t miss finding out what Steve thinks is the best new resource he has found for saving time and money. This interview is packed with great information for all levels and all different kinds of photography.

If you are in the Philly area, don’t miss having a one on one conversation with Steve at the PUG next Tuesday the …

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Pictage Podcast – Robert T. Williams

This week’s podcast features well known Washington, DC photographer, Robert T. Williams.

In case you hadn’t noticed people are cutting back on purchases in today’s economy. Are you thinking about lowering your prices to keep existing clients, and attract new ones? Well that’s not the answer!  Tune in to this special episode as Robert T. unveils a unique approach along with specific solutions for growing your business.  

Today’s intro is brought to you by Dare Dreamer Media. 

Check out their video first, listen to the podcast below, then make sure to leave a comment for Robert T!

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