Pictage + Fashion/Glamour Workflow — Q&A with Mark Wangerin


Photos Courtesy of Mark Wangerin

Scott Anderson: You’ve been a Pictage photographer since the very beginning. Tell us a bit about your recent transition from wedding & portraits to fashion and high school senior photography.

Mark Wangerin: When I joined Pictage, I was strictly a wedding and product photographer. As I progressed in skill and artistic sensitivity, I found more satisfaction in the connective process of shooting people for portraits, publications and fashion. Although I don’t consider myself a “fashion” photographer, I do consider myself a more mainstream commercial beauty and glamour photographer.

Of course the more I was involved in beauty and glamour, the less time and emotional energy I had for weddings, which as most wedding photographers agree is more about energy management than being immersed into a conceptual, creative project such as magazine submissions and portraits for publication.

SA: I’m particularly interested in how Pictage fits into your new workflow? Can …

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Pictage Podcast- David Wittig



Hey everyone! Don’t miss out on an awesome podcast episode featuring David Wittig. In this episode Sara talks with David Wittig about a variety of great topics including how his own recent wedding changed his perspective on his Studio’s products and services.  David also delves into the world of Search Engine Optimization. Don’t miss the one tip that can change the way you blog today and get you better ranked on the search engines.  Also, wondering what David says is the one tool that helped him get through the challenges of running a business?  Tune-in and find out the answer…and much more!




Listen to David’s Podcast here and be sure to leave him some comments!

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The Pictage Community Forums: Are you there yet??

My first week at Pictage, I spent most of my day browsing the Pictage Forums trying to get a feel for Pictage and Pictage photographers. As I read thread after thread I was amazed at the sincere community that was available within the forums. I noticed the questions posted, the instant genuine responses, the ability to candidly share to a group of people that truly understand, the opportunity to showcase images with peers as they critique and affirm, and so much more.

I learned later that the Pictage Forums are designed to let you learn, network, and grow within your community and industry. They are convenient, insightful, and beneficial to all members, whether just starting out or seasoned veterans. As a member of the Pictage Community, you have this incredible resource and I encourage you to join and actively participate in these forums.

Many of our members aren’t fully aware …

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Beyond the Wedding: An Interview with Anna and Spencer Clark

Hello again! Thank you for such a warm welcome into the Pictage community! I have recently had the privilege of interviewing Atlanta wedding photographers, Spencer and Anna Clark about their exciting new project Beyond The Wedding. We believe that it is a great opportunity for photographers all over the nation and we are so excited to be sharing it with you today! So, here are the highlights from my interview with Spencer and Anna… (Photos Courtesy of Anna and Spencer Clark)

Beyond The Wedding can be found online at beyondthewedding.com

Elizabeth Villa: Before we get into the specifics of what Beyond The Wedding is and what it has to offer our readers I would love to know, what is your overall vision for Beyond The Wedding?

Spencer Clark: Our overall vision for Beyond The Wedding is to have a place where wedding photographers can come together, locally in their area and online, to …

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Pictage Podcast – Lauren Hillary

On this week’s episode Lauren Hillary talks about her secrets for getting published (and quickly).  She also discusses her photography education and how it brought her to where she is today. Wondering where Lauren gets her inspiration and what her dream photography job would be?  Don’t miss this week’s podcast to find out that and so much more.

Listen to the podcast below and make sure to give her some comment love!


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Pictage Podcast- Kevin Swan

In this episode Kevin Swan shares his insights and tips on effective marketing. With a background in marketing, Kevin has developed a unique perspective toward his career in photography, as well as running both his studio and album businesses. He expresses the importance of focus and standing out in today’s market, as well as how these traits have contributed to his success.

Don’t miss out on this interview and the chance to learn more about Kevin’s marketing expertise and tips!

Listen to the podcast below and make sure to leave a comment for Kevin!

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Discovering Italy: An Interview with Kenny Kim


Hi guys! My name is Elizabeth Villa and I am a new member of the Pictage Community team. During my time here at Pictage I have really enjoyed getting to know some really great photographers, and I look forward to getting to know all of you!

Recently I got the chance to interview Kenny Kim about his upcoming Workshop/Tour that is taking place in Italy, called “Discovering Italy.” Below, is a quick rundown of what we talked about. (All photos courtesy of Kenny Kim)

Elizabeth Villa: Kenny, you recently had the chance to visit Italy, can you tell our readers a little more about your trip and the effect that it had on you?

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