Photography Applications for Your iPhone/iPod Touch by Elizabeth Villa Ippolito


If you have an iPhone or iPod Touch, do you use applications for your photography, your business, for fun? I recently came across a bunch of photography app’s for my iPhone (some have been mentioned recently on the Pictage forums) and I can’t seem to decide which ones to use. I have gathered together the following applications that look fun and useful, they are listed along with their price and star rating according to iTunes. Which ones do you use and why or why not? I have started a thread on the forums like this, check it out and let the Community know what you think!

In no particular order…

ColorSplash $1.99…….. 4 Stars ColorSplash lets you quickly change any of your photos into a black and white, while allowing the details you choose to remain in it’s original color.

CameraBag $1.99………. 3 ½ Stars 10 different cameras in your camera bag or iPhone? Be able to use the following “cameras” on your iPhone all as a part of this popular app. The cameras included in the CameraBag are… Holga, Instant, Magazine, 1974, Lolo, 1962, Mono, Infrared, Fisheye, and Original.

Pano $2.99………….. 3 ½ Stars Take a panoramic picture with this app! Easy to follow steps that quickly merge into one seamless panoramic picture.

ToyCamera $1.99………. 3 ½ Stars This is a simple application that changes your iPhone’s camera into a fun toy camera.

DSLR Camera Remote Professional Edition $19.99………. 3 ½ Stars This app works for your Canon or Nikon DSLR camera. All you have to do is connect your camera to a Wi-Fi enabled computer and you can instantly adjust its settings, fire the shutter, review the images, even get a live viewfinder preview. Great for high or low angles, self-portraits and children.

DSLR Camera Remote Lite $1.99…………3 1/2 Stars The Lite version of this app lets your remotely trigger or fire the shutter of your supported DSLR camera.

PhotoCalc $2.99…………….. 3 ½ Stars This app was made for photographers to calculate exposure reciprocation, depth of field, and flash exposure. Good for in the studio or in the field.

Tattoo Shop $1.99…………….. 3 Stars Okay this one is just for fun. With this application you can ink your photos in 4 easy steps! Use previously designed tattoos from the application or create your own using iPhone/iPod Touch gestures to position, resize, and rotate your tattoo until it is right where you want it!

Photography apps for the iPhone are just the tip of the iceberg. What else do you think about iPhones, their applications, and more? Get on the forums and let us know what you think on the the thread “Photography Applications for Your iPhone/iPod Touch”!

Written By: Elizabeth Villa (Pictage Blog Team)

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Pictage Partner Conference Presenter Spotlight

Meet Jenn Lindberg, an Austin Pictage photographer and one of the featured speakers at this year’s Partner Conference in New Orleans, Louisiana. Her session titled “From Newlyweds to Newborns: Keeping Your Wedding Clients for Life” will take place on Wednesday, November 4th at 2 PM. For more details check out the Pictage Partner Conference website. You can see Jenn’s wedding work here and her baby/childhood photojournalism here.

Newlyweds to Newborns: Keeping your Wedding Clients for Life! from Pictage on Vimeo.

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Pictage Podcast

This week’s podcast with Pictage Partner Conference 2009 Speaker, Jason Aten, is very timely as we talk about the experience of Skip Cohen’s recent Summer School, and the differences between all the conferences that are out there.

In addition, have you heard all the recent online conversations that have been going on about the differences between Lightroom and Aperture? Jason talks about his experiences with these editing tools and how he sums up the debate. Jason also provides a sneak peek into his Partner Conference Presentation and what you can look forward to — so don’t miss this episode!

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Inside the Image with Grant Oakes by Grant Oakes


Thank you to Grant Oakes of Grant Oakes Photography for letting us Inside the Image.

“In April of this year I conducted a wedding workshop in the Bahamas and on the first day we were doing a fashion style session in and around the Atlantis Resort a few hours before the wedding.  There was this amazing light coming down from an overhead skylight adjacent to the hallway by the aquarium and had smoke coming up from a faux well that created a very surreal look.  I positioned the couple on the ledge around the well, got back as far as I could (wedged against a wall) and put the camera near the floor and took the image without looking through the view finder.  The image was taken with a 15mm fisheye on a Canon 5D Mark II at 1/25th of a second shutter speed at f2.8.”

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Being New on the Pictage Forums by Erica May Short

Picture this: you’re a new photographer, just getting serious about weddings. You’ve done a handful of weddings – and loved it – but just don’t quite understand how to dive in to the world of wedding photography. You have a passion for creating images, but no clue how to run a successful business.

Sound familiar? That was me, just two years ago.

After trying to get my business off the ground for a year, I started thinking about how I could make my photography business stand out in the crowd – I just didn’t know where to start.

Then, I heard about Pictage. I joined mainly because of the ease of online viewing and print order fulfillment. I thought this was the key to growing my business. I was right – but what I didn’t know was that the biggest factor in my success wasn’t found in the client interface, but in the Pictage forums.

As a new photographer, I found (and still find) the Pictage forums to be one of the best sources of information – for everything from business practices and legal issues to lighting tips and creative engagement sessions. The forums allow an amazing community of photographers to interact and share their knowledge, provide candid opinions and offer encouragement and advice on absolutely any topic.

The Pictage forums helped me understand the wedding photography industry, which was extremely valuable to me as a new photographer on the scene. The Ask & Learn sessions encouraged me to think about topics I never would have considered on my own. I learned more than just tips and tricks of the trade. I learned how to transform my business into a wedding photography experience that values details, fosters relationships, and allows for creativity.

If you haven’t yet visited the Pictage forums, check it out at Some of my favorite things to view include:

•    Ask & Learn: live chats with leading photographers. •    Opportunities and Referrals: posts about wedding and portrait opportunities all over the country. •    Share Your Images: see photographers’ favorite images and share your own for great feedback. •    PUGs: updates about local Pictage User Groups. •    Pictage Business & Products: special announcements about new Pictage services, and a way for you to provide suggestions and feedback – and get a response.

Apart from the products and services Pictage offers, the community of helpful and talented photographers is what really sets them apart from other providers. I always tell people that partnering with Pictage was one of the most important business decisions I have ever made – and I mean it. The Pictage forums helped transform me from a girl with a camera into a creative photographer with vision, passion and respect for the amazing community of photographers… waiting to meet you on the Pictage forums!

Thank you Erica for joining us on the Pictage Blog!

Check out some of Erica’s work below and on her blog!

Featured Blog Post: Written By Erica May Short of Erica May Photography (Pictage Member)

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Post Production Workflow Tips

Video by Pictage Member Jared Platt (Pictage Blog Team)

This week Jared shares more valuable Post Production Workflow Tips, most specifically in the area of “File Naming”. To learn more check out the video below!

Untitled from Pictage on Vimeo.

For more of Jared’s Post Production Workflow Tips tune in to the Pictage Blog every Tuesday and check out past blog posts by Jared in the Pictage Blog archives. Also, Jared is on tour and coming to a city near you. Check out the worthy workshop section of the Pictage Blog as well as Jared’s website for more information.

If you have specific questions for Jared feel free to email them to him, email, or ask them in comment form here on the blog!

Thanks again to Jared for another awesome post!

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Partner Conference Presenter Spotlight

Meet Pictage Member, Chris Williams, a New Orleans based photographer. He will be leading a 2 hour shooting workshop on November 4th at 2 PM at this year’s Partner Conference in New Orleans, Louisiana. For more details check out the video below as well as the Partner Con website.

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Images and Stories — Photographer Images Adorn our Walls: Phase 1 by Elizabeth Villa Ippolito


Recently Pictage CEO Jim Collins posted on the Pictage Forums asking photographers to send in images that we would be able to hang on the Pictage walls. He asked for images that the photographers felt were not typical wedding or even wedding at all, but most importantly had stories behind them. We are in the process of putting all of them on the walls, but want to say thank you to everyone who submitted photos… we love them and can’t wait to put them up.

Here is the first batch that we want to share with you.

Matthew Grazier of Grazier Photography

While shooting Justin Marantz and his groomsmen at Justin and Mary Marantz’s wedding, Justin showed me an old 4×5 camera in the back of his truck. I immediately tried this shot, I tried it over and over again but the pavement kept getting blown out by the sun. By chance, one of Justin’s relatives pulled up in an SUV providing just enough shade for me to get the shot. It was fun to be able to take a photo like this knowing that Justin and Mary would appreciate it as photographers.

Susan Solo of Susan Solo Photography

This image is a picture that I snapped on the way home from an engagement session during the Cherry Blossom Festival here in DC. My clients had wanted to meet somewhere downtown to take pictures on the Saturday during the festival. If you’ve never been here during Cherry Blossom week, I can’t even explain to you the kind of crowd it draws. The entire city gets completely jammed with tourists and Washingtonians alike. My clients and I were all over an hour late to meet for our session because we were each stuck in traffic, drowning in a sea of people trying to see the pink and white-flowered trees. We finally met up and did have a great session despite the extreme frustration of trying to make our way through DC. On my way back out of the city that evening, I was sitting at a traffic light when I saw this image in my driver’s side mirror.  The capitol building looked bright and beautiful against the evening sky, and I just couldn’t be mad at the city for another second!

Kelly Segre of Kelly Segre Photography

I picked this photo because this is the photo that made me want to become a full time professional photographer.

In 1999 I took a roadtrip across the country and one of the most powerful stops was the Oklahoma City Memorial. At the time I took several images of the site as the memorial was not complete, and then a year later we went back and I documented the completed the full memorial. Unfortunately a year later Sept. 11th occured. Even though I lived over a 1000 miles away,  after photographing  at Oklahoma City I felt an over powering need to to document Sept. 11th from a different perspective and when I found out about the “Tribute in Lights”  and I thought this would be the perfect opportunity.

When I got to NY I realized that this best view of the lights was from New Jersey. Because of the work crews at ground zero the lights were not able to be where the towers stood…but this made the photo. The lights are to the left of ground zero and they look as they are ghosts looking down at the site.

The reason this photo changed my life and ultimately my career is when I received this negative back I realized I could document life events that will never occur again. Although every year the lights stand at the site of trade center, never again will there be the glow of the work lights giving it this feel. Being a photographer gives me the ability to document history through my vision, whether it be someone’s wedding day or a historic event.

Sarah Hodzic of Blink Photography

Dolle’s Salt Water Taffy- Rehoboth Beach DE

I have always had a desire to shoot medium format film, but a Hasselblad was out of the question. So I purchased the “poor mans” version, my first Holga! I have been shooting with the Holga for almost a year and it has opened my eyes to a whole new way of looking through the lens and creating images. If I could shoot a whole wedding using JUST the Holga, I would. There is a freedom in holding a plastic camera that is known for it’s unpredictable images… there is no right or wrong with the Holga, just a space where imagination can run free, and the less constraints on this imaginative process, the better the image.

Written by Elizabeth Villa (Pictage Blog Team)

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Pictage Podcast with Frances Marron

Make sure to check out Frances’ work at and don’t forget to leave her a comment!

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Announcing Partner Conference Video Contest

One lucky winner will go to Partner Conference 2009 in New Orleans for free! Don’t miss out!

Are you Partner Con’s biggest fan?  Do you want to experience 3 days of amazing speaker sessions, shooting workshops, newtworking and fun … on us?  We’re really excited to launch our Partner Conference Video Contest — providing the winner with a free Partner Con registration.

Here are the details:

To enter, create and submit a video promoting Partner Conference in a unique and entertaining way.

Use your creative side; we know you have it in you!  Never been?  Attended every show? Either way, tell us why you deserve to go for FREE!  The first place winner of the contest will receive a free pass to Partner Con NOLA (registration for all three days).

The clip should be no more than 60 seconds and submitted in a standard video format. The contest begins TODAY, and ends Friday August 20th.  Videos can be submitted …

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