The Importance of Blogging


If someone asked us what single element has had the most impact on our photography business, the answer, hands down, would have to be our blog. It has been so crucial to the success we’ve had thus far. It is the face of our business and also the heart of it. It tells our clients things about us that they might never know otherwise. Like that fact that we’re major foodies, we’re crazy in love with each other, and a little obsessed with our cat Charlie Anne. It gives us a face. It’s more than just a place to show our work and what we’ve been up to, it’s a way to communicate to potential clients who aren’t ready to pick up the phone or meet in person. It lets them know WHO we are, which in a small business is so imperative to reaching people. There is a person …

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Shoot, laugh, cry, stretch, learn, try, play, cuss, whine, yell, fly …

I spent this afternoon wandering cobblestones laid in the 1700’s.  I had an incredible dinner at a restaurant that was someone’s house in the 1800’s.  I walked the streets and heard the sounds of live jazz and revelry before falling into a chair in a bar with friends to talk about whatever comes to mind and watch the night deepen.  Where am I?  Where you should be too during the first week in November, in New Orleans.

We’re here to scout the locations and venues for PartnerCon.  We became familiar with the primary venue site, walked the locations for the shooting workshops, and did some on-the-ground planning for the ‘Katrina Families’ charity shoot.

New Orleans is a backdrop.  I can’t wait to see you all here.  You will want to shoot everywhere. There is no view that isn’t interesting through the viewfinder.  There is no bad light.

PartnerCon is about the sessions and all you …

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Hard Drive Advice: Speed and Security

Hard Drive Advice:  Speed and Security.

Here’s a quick tip on increasing the speed of your computer as you churn through all those files.  At the same time, you will also increase your protection against data loss and drive failure.  Here it is: use two hard drives, rather than one.  If you are on a desktop, you can install a second internal drive into your computer, if you are on a laptop, you can use an eSATA or Firewire connection to an external hard drive.  This second drive will act as your “working drive” on which you will store all of your image files.  All of your programs, etc will go on the original drive.  My drives are simply named “Macintosh HD” and “Working Drive”.  There are several advantages to a multiple drive system, including, faster operation, minimizing drive failure and simplifying backup.

Faster Operation:

Traditional hard drives work much like a record …

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Pictage Podcast – Roberto Valenzuela

This week Sara talks with Roberto Valenzuela about his unique journey that brought him to photography. Roberto touches on all that he’s learned along the way and his dedication to sharing with other photographers and helping build a community.

Roberto loves to challenge other photographers to become better, and in this episode he talks about how he does that. He also tells you a little about what to expect at his soon-to-come Pictage Partner Con Presentation. This insightful podcast will inspire and challenge you.


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To view more of Roberto’s work, visit his website here –

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Images and Stories — Photographer Images Adorn our Walls: Phase 2


As you may remember, earlier this summer Pictage CEO Jim Collins posted on the forums requesting Pictage Members to submit photos to hang on the Pictage walls. In early August we shared our first batch of images to go up on the walls, here is the next! Make sure to show some comment love to the fabulous Pictage community members that submitted these photos and their accompanying stories. Thank you to everyone for participating!

Anna and Spencer of Anna and Spencer Photography

“A wedding day is very busy – ok, extremely busy. It can sometimes even be hectic. However, even among all the people, all of the celebration, true love still comes through. You see, to me, true love isn’t something that screams out loud (though, at times it can). Though it is always easy and clear to see, it is often times quiet and can be missed if one isn’t paying …

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Pictage Podcast – Mike Adrian

Today’s podcast features Maui Photographer and Hawaii PUG Leader, Mike Adrian.  Sara talks to Mike about the importance of branding, and additional steps he has taken to make his business so successful in just three years.  Mike also discusses how the current economic conditions have affected the destination wedding industry, and he offers tips on how to keep that part of your business afloat.

You can check out Mike’s work at  


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Don’t forget to leave Mike some comment love, enjoy!

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Joe Buissink – Behind the Podium


The Joe Buissink PUG tour has been a huge success, thanks for all who have come out to see him speak!  For those of you who have missed it, RJ Kern shared his take on the presentation at the Denver PUG meeting.  Kern-Photo is a husband & wife wedding photography team based in Denver, Colorado.  R. J. & Nicole Kern have partnered with Pictage since 2006.

From RJ:

Celebrity Wedding Photographer, Joe Buissink, spoke at the Denver PUG meeting last night.  Events like these are among the reasons we use Pictage. Joe Buissink uses Pictage for his clients, which include Jennifer Lopez, Jessica Simpson & Nick Lachey, among many others.  Joe’s work is published regularly in publications like Grace Ormonde Wedding Style and Instyle Weddings. Joe is a legend in the wedding photographer world, to say the least.

During the presentation, I scribbled eight pages of notes and devoured heaps of golden-nugget …

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Pictage launches Slideshows Beta for Pro Photographers

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of our new Photographer Slideshow feature! You can now easily create, display and distribute an online slideshow for any event on Pictage.

Creating Slideshows of your work has never been easier. Slideshows are fully integrated with Pictage, so within minutes of your event being uploaded you can create a professional, compelling slideshow for your clients.

Easy to Use With a simple to use interface, you select the event, images, transitions, and background music from a fully licensed catalog. Your Slideshow is then ready for immediate viewing or presenting online, without any need for complex downloadable software.

Powerful Presentation Tool Slideshows will simplify your workflow, enabling you to flexibly and efficiently present your best images of an event to clients in person or by embedding the Slideshow on your blog or website. Slideshows can also be emailed to clients and guests if you wish.

Increase Web Sales Slideshows are directly linked to …

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Educating Your Clients Creates a Bond of Trust – Jared Platt

Why is it so important to educate your clients and create bonds of trust? In this blog post, Pictage member and Phoenix Wedding Photographer, Jared Platt answers this question and gives three helpful tips to doing just that. Check out more posts by Jared here on the Pictage Blog and also get more information about his upcoming workshop tour coming to a city near you on our worthy workshops page.

From Jared:

I have a crazy notion that I would like to present to you today.  There is a reason that people hire a professional photographer to shoot their weddings and portraits and other events, rather than having uncle Bob take the photos.  If you think extremely hard you might come up with that reason on your own…  I’ll give you a hint.  It is the same reason that I hire an electrician to wire my home for a new set of …

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Pictage Podcast – Jeff & Betsy McCue

On this week’s podcast Jeff and Betsy McCue of La Vida Creations discuss the tools and tactics within their business that really make a difference and have a positive impact on their image-making.  They share with us a behind-the-scenes overview of the evolution of their brand, and how their new website has effected their business.  

The McCue’s also talk about the value they derive from the Pictage Community, along with their choice of gear, and services that they  consider the secrets to their success.


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Make sure to leave Jeff and Betsy a comment and to learn more about them and La Vida Creations, check out their site —

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