Pictage User Group Spotlight- Long Beach


Share the love, join a PUG. Pictage User Groups are designed to facilitate communication and education among professional photographers on a regional level around the nation. There are over 55 PUGs located across the United States and in Canada. PUG meetings are open to both Pictage and non-Pictage members and are a great resource for professional photographers to network and grow.

In our attempt to get photographers connected to local PUGs, we are beginning Pictage User Group Spotlights. In each spotlight post we will get to know the PUG through the PUG leader.

We would like you to meet Christine Lee Smith of CLS Photography, Pictage User Group (PUG) leader in Long Beach, California. Hear from Christine herself, what she loves about being a photographer and what her goals are for the Long Beach PUG.

Photos courtesy of CLS Photography and Pixel Dreams Media.

From Christine:

I have been a Pictage member since 2006, …

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Holga 101: Tips and Tricks


I have three main guidelines I try to live by when my Holga is by my side:

Don’t be afraid to break all the rules No expectations, leads to amazing creations Be bold, be brazen, and let go

I will admit that I am not an expert when it comes to the Holga and its mysterious ways.  However, I have had some extraordinary good luck in the last 2 years and have bonded with each and every Holga I have. You will hear repeatedly that every Holga is very different — that statement could not be more accurate!

While this can lead to many moments of wanting to pull your hair out, or you may find yourself wanting to throw the camera on down a flight of stairs (which you can do and possibly get some great images), I want to urge you to keep shooting!

I have come to learn a few tried and true …

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PartnerCon – A Different Side

I’m lucky.

I got to see a side of PartnerCon that many of you didn’t see.

A side that makes me believe that what happened the first week in November was not just a photography convention, but the start of a movement.  As I drove home Thursday night, six and half hours up Highway 61 to the Mississippi Delta, I brought a little bit of the week home with me — both literally and figuratively.

Photo by Spencer Clark.

Five photographers from all over the country converged on three Delta towns to photograph three different weddings, and to bask in the glow of the previous week.  We chatted about what we’d experienced.  We laughed.  We spoke of our inspirations.  We shared our fears.

We learned from each other.

At it’s core, that’s what New Orleans was for all of us — a chance to learn from each other.  From the most grizzled veterans to the photographers …

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Getting off the Dock in 365


If you haven’t seen Day 1 of my 365 project, then the title of this post probably doesn’t make much sense, allow me to explain. The ‘Dock’ is a metaphor for the ‘sidelines’ of whatever career you are wanting to jump head first into, for me that career is photography.

Zack Aries, a talented photographer and One Light instructor from Atlanta Georgia, wrote several blog posts about a photographer, who went by the alias of B, in July of this year that was stuck on the ‘Dock’. ‘B’ was a part-time shooter with a full time day job and family to balance around his love for photography, but was ready to throw in the towel since his skill level stayed stagnant for the past year. The outpour of support to B was incredible, between Zack’s blog (where he posted B’s email), and Facebook, there were several hundred comments, all positive, supporting, …

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Partner Con NOLA Round Up

Shawn Reeder NOLA 2

PartnerCon has been over for more than a week, but you’ve probably noticed that the buzz, inspiration, and community love is thriving. We are more than thrilled with this year’s turnout and want to once again say thank you for joining us for the BEST event we’ve ever had!

I think all of us walked away with something powerful and we challenge you to spread the word AND spread your work.  Share what you learned and who you met with photographer friends and fellow PUG members.  Post your photos among the almost 700 on our Facebook page and/or share your blog posts on the forums.

These are just a few by the following photographers in their own post Partner Con blog posts and also on the “PartnerCon NOLA 2009- Your Blogs, slideshows, and Facebook” on the Pictage Forums.

Great slideshow by Grant Oakes – http://grantoakes.com/partnercon/

Shawn Reeder of Shawn Reeder Photographer and Music

Frank …

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Open Forum: Small business resource?

Picture 1

(editor’s note: Partner Conference New Orleans recap post coming soon.  In the meantime…)

Open Forum- What is it? Are you on it? Why? Why not?

“OPEN Forum, is an online resource and networking site for small business owners. The site is designed to forge meaningful business connections and provide practical, actionable information and insights from influential bloggers, industry leaders, and savvy entrepreneurs. In addition, the site will aggregate relevant online small business conversations from Twitter.”

-American Express Press Release 2009

When I was introduced to the Open Forum I immediately questioned whether or not it had the potential to be a resource for Pictage users as small business owners. The Open Forum is much like the Pictage forums in that it is a community of small business owners just like yourself, learning from each other. It hopes to give small business owners the tools to connect and collaborate and grow. But here’s the catch, …

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Partner Con Speaker Spotlight


I guess you could say that I accidentally became a wedding photographer.  In 1977 a couple of my friends were getting married and since I was a decent amateur photographer I volunteered to shoot heir weddings.  Word spread and before long I was doing about 5-6 per year fro friends and relatives.  Fast forward to 1993, I came to a crossroads in my career.  I was getting rather tired of working the weddings instead of attending them and told my wife I was going to quit doing them.  She told me to purse it more seriously instead of just passively.  I mulled that thought over for a while and thought, “why not?”.  I started investing in seminars, equipment and advertising and within a few years was filling up my calendar rather nicely.  In 2001-2002 everything was going great, we had …

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Speaker Spotlight


Greetings from an accidental storm chaser:

As you know, I have been traveling, teaching the Lightroom Workflow Workshops over the last few weeks and I just finished one in Houston, Texas today (Thursday, October 29th).  I planned my workshop tour to coincide with Pictage Partner Conference, in New Orleans.  But, with a few days to myself, I thought I would swing up to visit my family in Shreveport, Louisiana.  Have you seen the weather lately?  An absolute nightmare of a storm has spread itself directly up my path with tornados touching down all over Shreveport.  So, while my family hunkers down in a closet amidst storm sirens, and with road closures everywhere, I am left half way between Houston and Shreveport in a Best Wester Hotel watching an HBO encore of George Clooney’s “The Perfect Storm.”

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