In today’s podcast episode, Sara talks with Grant Oakes about his specific approach for reaching the high-end market without the need of a physical studio space.  He also provides practical tips for growing your business, and also outlines various strategies for building your online presence and enhancing the presentation of your work.

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  • Grant,

    I am in NYC and started my own business a little over 2 years ago and aiming to the high-end market. Everything you just said on your podcast couldn’t make anymore sense! And I have the same business strategy that you and not a physical studio to bring over my clients.
    Cant hold on to my tears to see that the path I took have already been paved and it works and really give me the comfort to know that through our methods it is possible to achieve the desired recognition around the industry.

    This podcast couldn’t had come on a better time. I had my methods in serious doubts.

    God bless you and your business and thank you for sharing your experience with us. For me it really made a huge difference.

    All the best,

    Paulo Basseto.

  • Jim Turley says:

    Hi Grant,

    Thanks for sharing with us.


  • Dave says:


    I for one know where Aurora is…I owned a home on Fundy Lane in the 80’s while teaching at Lowry AFB. My brother loved his visit so much he moved to Westminster and has been there about 17 years now. I enjoyed your story about jumping from the cliff and flapping like hell to keep from crashing. I did 21 years in the Marine Corps as a combat photog, retred and moved back to Buffalo NY (wife wanted that), videographer for 11 years doing local news… I’m flapping as you say, this is now my full time job. One year in the business and still flapping (maybe a little less).

    I for sure have taken your keys to securing higher clientel into consideration and will make a dedicated effort to improve the way I make my presentations. I do not have a studio, all my appointments are at the clients location or choice of. Creating a more sophisticated approach and being different from my compition will be a normal for me. At 51 and starting my business from the ground up perhaps in 5-10 years I can attend one of your workshops which sound awesome. Take care and thanks for the information.

    Dave Hutchinson

    PS I’m going to keep the Ford for a while.

  • Really great podcast! My sister Beth and I were volunteers at your studio station at the PartnerCon Katrina Benefit, so it was wonderful to learn more about you and your accomplishments. Happy New Year, Alice

  • Hi Grant,
    Thank you so much, for sharing all this information. it is of great importance for us
    I met you at the partners conference at New Orleans.
    May the Lord bless you and your wife with health, peace and abounding joy.

    The best for both of you,

  • Usa-Samantha says:

    Love the white gloves idea. Really inspiring. Thank-you.

  • DOROTHY says:

    Thanks for sharing that was great.. i love the ideas at a wedding, producing a smaill album onsite.. people love instant gratification gratification.

  • travis says:

    Excellent podcast Grant!

  • Grant,

    I loved your idea of the museum box, not only because of its wonderful artistic concept, but for addressing the issue of client perception in an over saturated marketplace of photographers.
    I’d bet 100 to 1 that I could name the website development company that inspired Tafota… I know what you mean about customer service.

  • Sarah says:

    thank you! Is it ok if we take off with the seminar idea?

  • Amber Conner says:

    I have seen Grant hand the album to the newlyweds at the end of the reception, and their reactions are priceless! It’s the cherry on the sundae!

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