#1 Way to Simplify Your Workflow- Shoot Less

The more you shoot, the more you edit.  The more you edit, the less money you make.

Many of the photographers I know have a love/hate relationship with editing their work.  The truth is, for many photographers, editing and processing images is one of the most burdensome aspects of their photography.  It’s not uncommon for photographers to take 2-3 months, or more, to finish processing an average wedding.  In fact, a while back (when this blog first started), I posted some stats about how photographers spend their time.

I posted the following chart, and the results are pretty interesting to me:

On average, photographers are spending more than 15 hours a week on editing images.  That’s 50% more time than they even spend shooting.  Who wants to spend an hour and a half editing for every hour you shoot?!

Now, I realize that for some photographers, what happens in the digital darkroom is as important …

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Jay Goldman on Client Relationships

Tune in as Los Angeles photographer Jay Goldman walks you through the experience that his clients receive before, after and during the wedding.

WPPI Interview with Jay Goldman (Client Relationships) from Pictage Films on Vimeo.

We couldn’t resist adding some behind the scenes footage on this one.  Thank you Jay for the laugh! If you this doesn’t ring a bell check out the inspiration.

Jay Goldman Old Spice from Pictage Films on Vimeo.

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Tips and Tricks for Children’s Portrait Session

I have been photographing kids for close to 7 years now. With each year that passes, my love for photographing children grows stronger. Believe me, when I first started though, my photoshoots with children felt completely out of control and I felt totally worn out because the kiddos were literally running circles around me. I couldn’t even get them to sit still for one quick shot, let alone get them to have a sweet natural smile towards the camera.

Well… that all changed once I learned to work “with” the little ones and find techniques to get them to do what I wanted them to do without them even realizing it! Below are some things you can do to make your shoot go smoother.

First off, you need to love kids! You will learn extremely fast that you need to have a special place in your heart for kids to be …

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Your Wedding Photography Business with The Youngrens

In this video shot at WPPI, San Diego PUG Leaders Jeff and Erin Youngren share their background as a photography business, their tips and tricks of a wedding day, and how their love for people has impacted their business and Pictage User Group.

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Photoshop Tutorial- Part 2 – White Point and More Levels!

Hey Pictagers!  I’m back again!  For those of you that didn’t get a chance to read my last post, Part 1 of this tutorial, we have been talking about levels, what they mean and how to use them. One thing I realized after writing Part 1 is that even though I talked about the white point of an image, I didn’t quite explain what it is, how to find it, and how it helps you regulate the levels of an image.

The simple definition is that the white point of an image is what is recognized as it’s brightest point.  Sometimes that’s your subject, but sometimes it is something else like the sky, a bright window or a light fixture.  With a well exposed image this won’t make of a difference, especially if you’re using flash…but if you aren’t using a flash or you have a misfire the white point can end up nowhere …

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SEO with Wade Holloway

This next WPPI video features SEO expert Wade Holloway as he explains the basics of SEO. He also talks about some common misconceptions that photographers have when trying to implement SEO tactics on their blogs and websites.

Thank you Wade for being such a great guest!

SEO with Wade Holloway from Pictage Films on Vimeo.

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Have You Thought About Your Business Cards Lately?

So I wanted to take a quick moment to address something fundamental …. yet WPPI proved how many miss it, your business card. Your business card is an extension of your brand and should reflect your style and preferences.  But more importantly, it needs to give all of your contact information.  It needs to have your website, so people can look at your work.  It needs to have your phone number AND email, so they can contact you however they feel.  And, most importantly, it needs to have YOUR NAME.  Remember, you’re selling yourself as a professional photographer.

During my presentation and throughout WPPI, I collected business cards of the photographers I would meet.  And so, we did a little tally down here afterwards.

During WPPI, I collected 42 business cards.  The following are categories that should be on your business card, and the number of cards that actually had it on …

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How I am Making the Transition from Shoot and Burn

“That means I’m a photographer right?”

Let’s go through the check list…

Camera – check

Artistic flare – (so they tell me) check

Love of photography – check

Desire to capture memories, moments and freeze love in time so it can be revisited again and again – check and check

That means I’m a photographer right?

Sure, if by photographer you mean, a person that sometimes holds a camera and presses the button on the right.

But not necessarily in the business of being a photographer. And therein lies the difference. When you get to this point, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t keep going, nor does it mean that you haven’t got a chance, or that you are audacious for assuming you can start out. No, keep going, hold on to your hopes and push forward you will achieve success if you do. But if you’re starting at the bottom, like I did, you need to really like …

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Photography business chat with Mike Adrian

We’re so happy with and thankful for the video content that we got while at WPPI this past week and can’t wait to share them all with you! This first interview is with Mike Adrian, Hawaii based Wedding Photographer and Hawaii PUG Leader. In this interview he talks about how he has grown his business so fast and shares tips for new and developing photographers.

Please note: Some of our WPPI videos were recorded live and run from about 10-20 minutes, but have some great tips and tricks to help photographers.  We suggest you take a seat, relax, and enjoy!

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Your Clients Don’t Care About What You Care About

They care about: their wedding, their future, their first home, their first child, paying for dinner for 200 people, whether their dress will fit, whether the cake will look like they imagined it would.  They care about whether people will like the centerpieces, if they’re going to cry when they see each other.  They care about how they will look in a bathing suit on the honeymoon.

They care about getting tan for the wedding.  They care about whether the escort cards look right, and who should sit with who at the wedding.  They care about how they can afford everything they want.  They care about what people will think of their wedding.  They care about themselves.

They don’t care about: your website, your blog, your twitter status, the award you won that really everyone won but you pretend like it’s a big deal anyway. They don’t care about the type of …

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