Friday News Round Up

Here is your Friday News Round Up, a group of useful blog posts that we have read throughout this week that might be worth the read for you on this Friday afternoon or throughout the weekend. So take a second, get comfortable, get a cup of coffee, grab your favorite Apple product, and enjoy these articles from out in the photography community and beyond. Also included at the bottom of this post are links to the posts that we have had on the Pictage Blog this week, just in case you missed them. Enjoy!

From the Community

Camera Dojo- “Photoshop CS5’s Lesser Known Enhancements”

Photoshelter- “Your Photography Blog Ain’t No Online Journal”

A Photo Editor- “iPad- Magazine Savior, Portfolio Replacement or a Complete Waste of Time?”

Mashable- “Apple Didn’t Kill Flash, HTML5 Did”

Jim Collins- “Thoughts for New Photographers”

Liana Lehman- “Why my husband calls me “Debt Dominatrix”  (My Debt Story) On the Pictage Blog

Amber Holritz- …

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Getting the Industry to Recognize Your Talent

For wedding photographers, one of the most frustrating things can be getting exposure for your work and your studio. You work on your craft, work on your site and work on your business in general all the time, but how do you get the industry to recognize your talent?  Whether it is vendors in your own state, photographers you look up to around the country or magazines that you want to be published in, the industry is an important part of the success of your business!

Here are five ways that I believe you can connect with the broader industry to enable your success and get the recognition your work deserves.

1) Join forums and contribute to the conversation that is going on there. As you contribute and build relationships, those in the community will help to promote you and your work to the larger community. A few forums to check out: …

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How Do I Price Myself?

One of the topics that we get asked most about (and I mean most by a long shot) relates to how folks should price themselves in their photography business. It’s hard to give solid advice in a one-size-fits-all sort of way because everybody is so different and every photographer operates a different business – different goals, different struggles, different dreams. So instead of spending time today talking about percentages, costs, and markups, I thought it would be helpful to instead talk about the “whys” behind pricing, and then leave you with some links to some of the “hows” as far as numbers go. Sound good?

Note: this is going to be a bit of a long post – but that’s because there’s a lot to talk about. So grab your coffee or tea, sit back, and settle in.

To start, I think that there’s a good reason that so many photographers are …

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Lifestyle Photography Part One: Real Life is Beautiful

Real life is beautiful.

Say it. Say it again. Say it a little louder. Yell it if you have to. Make yourself really hear it.  Do you believe it yet? If not, you might want to just move past this article and read some of the other delicious tidbits further down in the blog. If you do believe it… or if, at the very least, you think you could be convinced to believe it, read on. I’m about to share with you how those four words have changed my life. Yes, my life. I’m a daughter, a wife, a mom, a small business owner, and a photographer. If real life is beautiful… well, that changes things for me in all of those areas.

I came to this realization about the beauty of reality while looking through a few family photo albums, late in that ever-frightening teenage decade.  My mother has always been …

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Pictage Podcast – Simon Anderson

This week on the podcast Sara heads to the Pictage headquarters for a conversation with Chief Marketing Officer, Simon Anderson.

Simon shares tips on innovative ways for photographers to maximize their profits and provides specific ideas and suggestions on:

Creating customized pricing and packages Unique approaches to build business through referrals Maximizing the value and usage of your blog, slideshows and online marketing channels The nuances of up-selling and more….

Simon also shares details about new and upcoming Pictage products and services, including future integration with other online platforms.

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Inside the Image- Lightroom Custom Vignettes

Living in the desert is a unique experience.  Forget about the 120 degree summer days and the horribly unfriendly plant life.  To me, the weather is quite fascinating.  I love the monsoon rainstorms and the lightning is fantastic.  Other places in the world have their own challenging weather situations, many much more dangerous.  There are tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, blizzards, etc…  and none of these options are very appealing to me, which is why I prefer my native state of Arizona.  But we do have our own unique weather effect: the dust storm.

I was traveling back from a job in Tucson and took a back road route home (rather than the freeway).  I enjoy doing this because everything goes by so quickly on the freeway and there is no inclination to stop and look at anything (and of course, it would be illegal to do so).  So the back roads are …

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WPPI Interview with Brian Friedman – Full Time Job Transitions

As part of our WPPI video interview series, we have a great conversation with Brian Friedman about how he has transitioned from having a full time job to being a full time photographer working from home.

Brian shares how his daily routine while at his full time job helped him make that transition, as well as develop into the photographer he is today.  

Brian Friedman Interview from Pictage Films on Vimeo.

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Why Creative Businesses Fail #1

Creative businesses fail for the same reason as every other business fails. Too many expenses, not enough revenue.  Creative types (photographers, artists, etc) tend to think about forming a business around something they are passionate about.  That’s fine.  You should absolutely be passionate about something if you’re going to give your life to it.  You should love what you’re doing.  You should be GOOD at it.  This is no different than people who are passionate about helping other people, going into social work.

Ok, reality check time.  Being passionate about something isn’t enough. If it’s going to be a business – it HAS to be profitable.  It HAS to make money.  Not only is this common sense, but the IRS won’t even let you call it a business if you don’t have what they call a “profit motive.”  There are several indicators they use to determine whether an endeavor …

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Pictage Podcast – Carlos Baez

This episode of the Pictage Podcast features Miami photographer Carlos Baez

Carlos Baez – fashion, wedding, and nudeoir photographer of 25 years – talks to Sara about the topics of nudeoir and artistic inspiration. Highlights include…

How he came to build his style of nudeoir. His view on the difference and similarities between general portraiture and his trademarked nudeoir portraits. He reflects on his first nudeoir session. Establishing trust with clients. Being a man shooting nudes. Finding your own nudeoir vocabulary. His inspirations from great photographers. The importance of listening and reading your clients. Building your vision and building trust. his new blog for artistic inspiration and discussion.

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You can see Carlos speak about nudeoir, specifically making a body of work, working with clients, and pricing strategies at Pictage U, a two-day intensive boudoir and lighting workshop in San Diego. Pictage U will give you the opportunity to get boudoir business knowledge and boudoir and lighting practical experience. This …

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Client Trust- You Have to Care Enough to Cry

A Wedding Horror Story

Let me tell you a little wedding photography horror story which only some of you will relate to but all of you will understand. Back in 2005 when I was just barely dipping my toe into the world of digital photography, (I was still 90% film based) I was hired to photograph a wedding for a very prominent Washington DC family. At that point it was one of the most expensive weddings I had ever shot, in fact it still ranks way up there. Anyway, it was a beautiful event and I had an incredible time as I usually do photographing weddings. The truth is, I really really enjoy shooting weddings, I think you have to in order to survive and thrive in this business.

So the next day I prepped about 25 rolls of film to be sent off to Pictage. If memory serves me correctly, I …

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