This episode of the Pictage Podcast features Miami photographer Carlos Baez

Carlos Baez – fashion, wedding, and nudeoir photographer of 25 years – talks to Sara about the topics of nudeoir and artistic inspiration. Highlights include…

  • How he came to build his style of nudeoir.
  • His view on the difference and similarities between general portraiture and his trademarked nudeoir portraits.
  • He reflects on his first nudeoir session.
  • Establishing trust with clients.
  • Being a man shooting nudes.
  • Finding your own nudeoir vocabulary.
  • His inspirations from great photographers.
  • The importance of listening and reading your clients.
  • Building your vision and building trust.
  • his new blog for artistic inspiration and discussion.

You can see Carlos speak about nudeoir, specifically making a body of work, working with clients, and pricing strategies at Pictage U, a two-day intensive boudoir and lighting workshop in San Diego. Pictage U will give you the opportunity to get boudoir business knowledge and boudoir and lighting practical experience. This event is open to ALL professional photographers, Pictage members and non-members. Register Now!

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