How NOT to Get a Second Shooting Job

Two of the most important things that I did when I was first getting started as a photographer were assisting and second shooting for other photographers. I began assisting a photographer one summer during my college years, and it was there that I began to pick up the “pace” of weddings.  I learned what happened when, and where I needed to be to capture it.  I learned how to balance both taking images and managing the client.  I then was able to move on to second shooting which allowed me to put everything I learned to practice, and develop my photo skills at the same time.  I didn’t have any of the pressure of delivering on every single shot, because the main shooter was responsible for all of that which meant that  I could explore different angles, different settings, and get used to the camera being an extension of my …

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The Business of Branding: 9 Things to Know Before Designing Your Logo

The Business of Branding: 9 Things To Know Before Designing Your Logo

Design magnate Steven Gilliatt said “[A logo] should look just as good in 15-foot letters on top of company headquarters as it does one sixteenth of an inch tall on company stationery.”

A logo or logotype as it is often called is defined as a graphic representation or symbol of a company name, trademark, abbreviation, etc., uniquely designed for ready recognition. In other words it is the color, font, the gives an instant impact and an overall feeling of who you are as a photography business. But before you put pencil to paper, or hire a designer to do the same, there are a few requirements you should have to your logo.

1)    Do your research: Know who you are and what you like before you get started. The more your designer knows about you, the better chance they have of …

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Top 10 Essential Things to Do on a Boudoir Shoot

1.     Have champagne and chocolate on hand. The champagne marks the shoot as a celebration and an event.  It’s a toast to sexiness and relaxes everyone.  Chocolate is definitely a girl’s best friend and an excellent mood elevator, but more importantly, it’s the sugar rush needed after a few wardrobe changes and extreme posing… Hey, boudoir is hard work!

2.     Limit wardrobe changes. Outfits are fun, and variety is the name of the game! However, wardrobe changes can quickly get out of hand.  Make sure your client gets enough time to “vibe” in each one.  A nice selection of wardrobe changes can be simple:  just a thong and heels, a fantasy element, lingerie, or some dress up. Just remember: 5 different black bustiers is not variety.

3.     Chat like girlfriends – even if you’re a guy. This is perfect for while you’re both enjoying champagne and while she’s still in the hair …

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The Move From Zero to One Light

Many photographers we know tell us that they have worked with natural light and feel they have really mastered it… but have no idea where to start with off-camera lighting. They don’t know if they should go out and buy an Alien Bees kit or just rent some Profoto lights… or if they should just buy some Canon 580EXII flashes and a bunch of pocket wizards. They don’t know what wireless systems to use, what stands, what light modifiers… it can be overwhelming.

My advice is usually to start REALLY small and CHEAP and figure out what you like then your way up. Jumping out and spending a few grand on a lighting kit isn’t going to make you a lighting pro… so why not start with just ONE light?

If I could suggest the most inexpensive and simple one light kit for experimentation it would be the venerable Vivitar 285HV for …

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The Business of Branding: Dare to Be Different

Before you think about creating your brand image, designing your logo, ordering some uber fancy business cards…think about how you can distinguish yourself from your competition. In Seth Godin’s Purple Cow, he tells a story about Herman Miller and how the Aeron Chair redefined the office chair. The Aeron Chair not only looked different, it felt great and cost 7-10 times the price of the standard office chair. That’s a big risk, in a very safe market, but their risk paid off. The Aeron Chair came to symbolize success, owning one meant you had arrived. I knew a creative director at a major advertising agency in New York who had an Aeron Chair written into his contract. When he left the company as per his contract, so did his chair.

Wouldn’t you like to create a product so spectacular people write it into their contracts? Herman Miller spent much of their …

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Tips for a Second Shooter

In the last FAQ post, I talked about how to find your style as it relates to photography and the discussion was really centered around just getting out there and shooting a whole lot. One of the ways to do this and also refine your style is to second shoot for other photographers during weddings whenever possible, which means coming along as the assistant (or second) photographer for the wedding day. This is something that Erin and I actually do ourselves from time to time and we really enjoy it because it allows us to push ourselves creatively in a low-pressure environment. Since the primary photographer is taking responsibility for the must-have images, the second shooter gets a chance to experiment and try those risky shots that might not turn out. Its a wonderful environment to learn from a primary photographer as well as practice your technical skills inside the …

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