Here is your Friday News Round Up, a group of useful blog posts that we have read throughout this week that might be worth the read for you on this Friday afternoon or throughout the weekend. So take a second, get comfortable, get a cup of coffee, grab your favorite Apple product, and enjoy these articles from out in the photography community and beyond. Also included at the bottom of this post are links to the posts that we have had on the Pictage Blog this week, just in case you missed them. Enjoy!

From the Community

Photo Focus- “What if a Picture Really is Worth a Thousand Words?”

Liana Lehman Hall- “The Ugly Truth: It Takes Money to Make Money”

Chris Brogan- “When You are the Brand”

500 Photographers- “Peter Funch”

And a fun one…

On the Pictage Blog

Liana Lehman Hall- “Sales is NOT a dirty word!”

Mary Marantz- “Running Your Own Race- Three Tips for Being a Lovemark”

Jason Aten- “Have We Met”

Ellen Petty- “The Business of Branding: Why We Use Letterpress”

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