How to Apply Textures to Images Using Photoshop

Many of you have asked us to put up an article on how to texture photos. The fact is, that there are many articles on the web that show you how to texture photos, but it is tough to find high quality articles that give you practical examples and directions that you can apply to your photography business.

This article will walk you through step-by-step on how to texture your photographs using Photoshop, and we will also give you the tools and knowledge to know how to play around and create your own unique style of texturing. So, let’s get started!

Process Your Image

1. Select Your File – Before we get to texturing, we need to first select a file that is correctly processed. This means that you have already color corrected the image and made it look the way you want. While we use Lightroom for this process, many of you …

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How I Am Building Vendor Relationships

As a new photographer, I can attest to the difficulties that exist when trying to establish myself in a market full of very experienced and talented photographers. This is especially true when working on establishing vendor relationships.  Here are five tips I have found that have really helped me in this endeavor.

1. Target Vendors.

When choosing vendors I want to build a relationship with; I do NOT use the shotgun approach.  I look for vendors who have a similar vibe as my business.  I work very hard on building my brand, the look I like to portray, and also who my target clients are.  I then gravitate towards vendors who compliment my work.  A little obvious but important when building a relationship is to know the vendor’s products and use their services when possible.

2.   Don’t Expect Anything!

The best way to approach a vendor is to set up a face to face …

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It’s Easy Being Green- Photography Business Practices

Even though Kermit the Frog might disagree, being green is getting easier.

What does it mean to be green? It’s pretty simple, actually. A “green” photographer is one who has assessed the impact his/her company has on the environment and who chooses to use environmentally sustainable and socially responsible practices in an effort towards lessening this impact.

Why would I want to go green? American’s current interest in things environmentally friendly is booming: BPA-free water bottles, eco-friendly yoga mats, solar panels on homes, and hybrid cars have become common place. With over 155,000 professional photographers in the United States, the photography industry is simultaneously experiencing it’s largest ecological footprint in it’s 200-year history. By going green, not only are you opening yourself up to a new segment of customers who are looking to hire eco-friendly vendors, but by implementing some simple energy and cost saving steps, you’ll be helping the environment and …

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Are you taking full advantage of your guest list?

First, I’ll start off with a confession.  My name is Emily and sometimes I shoot and burn.  Anyone else out there with me on this one? I know, I know, its not easy to admit in this community, but I know a ton of photographers do it. Why do I sometimes shoot and burn? Honestly sometimes after dealing with all that comes along with selling and processing an Emily Photo wedding package, it’s nice to do a 2-hour shoot, burn a disk and be done.  Done in just a few hours, ahhh doesn’t that sound great? For me, this model doesn’t make sense for my wedding or portrait clients, but for a child’s birthday or anniversary party, it works great!

I’ve been booking more and more of these filler gigs and I began to wonder, is this worth my time?  I’m making $300 maybe $400 for a few hours on a …

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What Do You Create?

The other day in the Wall Street Journal, there was a great section on the “All Things Digital” conference that took place a while ago. Particularly interesting – and relevant to create types like photographers – was the interview with James Cameron.

Cameron is known for some of the most successful movies of all time: “Avatar,” “Titanic,” “Terminator,” and “Aliens.” In addition to being HUGE box office successes, each of those movies (franchises) is known for their incredible use of technology. Each was at the cutting edge, pushing the boundaries of what technology could do for film-making at the time.

So, it was really interesting to me, to read some of Cameron’s views on technology vs the story. Here’s what he said about the use of 3-D in the movie “Avatar.”

98% of my work as a director is not about the [technology]. It’s choosing the actors, writing …

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Lightroom 3.0 Review & Tutorial

Adobe Lightroom 3.0 is available and worth every penny.  Here are my favorite new features in Lightroom 3.0 and how I use them.  It’s a long one, but the aren’t any new episodes of 24 to watch, so you should have plenty of time.


The Lightroom Workflow Workshop Tour is coming to your city starting in July.  I will be speaking at the local PUG groups and then holding a workshop in each city the following day.  I am looking forward to meeting you all and teaching you everything I know about speeding up your workflow.  First stops are: Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Boston, New York, Los Angeles and Vegas. Go to

To learn more and to book your seat.
To learn more about the best workflow methods and Adobe Lightroom, go to

Adobe Lightroom 3.0 My Favorite New Features from Jared Platt on Vimeo.

Written by Jared Platt

Jared …

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Predict Your Sessions and Sales

Now that you know your gross sales goal by running a break-even analysis, you have to figure out how to actually make that money!  If you have not run your break-even analysis but still want to try this out, remember that most photography studios need gross sales of $150,000-250,000 depending on if you have a studio or not.  You forecast how to make your gross sales by making educated guesses on your sessions and sales.  You break your gross sales down by how many products and services sold at what price.

Here is an example: if your goal is $200,000 in gross sales per year, you can photograph 20 weddings at $10,000 each.  You know your salary and all expenses are covered at this point if your break-even analysis showed you need $200,000.  Anything over $200,000 is extra cash for you and the business.

It is more likely though that you offer …

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8 Wedding Photojournalism Tips

Before photojournalism became an established style of wedding photography, the industry seemed firmly entrenched in a standardized set of perfect cliché-looking shots and effects. Wedding photojournalism transformed the industry. Instead of creating picture perfect scenes for every moment, the wedding photographer strove to capture the truth and realism in the actual moment with his or her creative vision. The result was photography that was no longer standardized as a canned product sold from the shelf of your grocery store. Rather, each client got customized pictures that may not have been flawless, but were perfect in capturing the actual emotion and atmosphere of the scene.

Whether or not this should be the primary style of any wedding photographer is a topic of another conversation, as many (including myself) believe that the best results come from a nice balance of multiples styles of photography. However, in this article, I want to focus solely …

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Trying to Please

Trying to Please

Who is your marketing or your product or your effort trying to please?

Every campaign that I’ve ever seen fail has failed for precisely the same reason: it pleases the wrong person. Think about it… it wouldn’t have launched if it hadn’t pleased the boss or the client, right? Pleasing the wrong person meant failure.

The same thing is true on a deeper level in your career choice or what you write or what you say or what you sell or how you sell it: if you are working hard to please the wrong people, you’ll fail.

Does that critic or that buyer or that spouse or that girlfriend or that investor really matter as much as you think they do?

Written By Seth Godin

For more articles like this visit Seth Godin’s blog.

This blog post was written by Seth Godin, an entrepreneur, marketing blogger, and best selling author of books like The …

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A Photographer’s Workflow for the iPad

We have been hearing a lot about how using the iPad has helped photographers in client meetings and at events, by elevating the overall effect of displaying your images. But, we had not yet heard about an actual photographer workflow for the iPad until a link to this Mac World post “A Photographer’s Workflow for the iPad” was shared on the Pictage Forums.

What we love about this article is that it explains the more practical possibilities that the iPad has for the photographer’s workflow, such as how to work with RAW files, manage images, and back them up. For some, this could quite possibly be the opposite of practical, and for others this could show promise for improving their workflow.

How might this work or not work for you?

Join the discussion by reading the article and even trying out this recommended workflow, and share your feedback in the comments section here …

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