Using a Secondary Display in Lightroom

There are lot of different ways to review images in Lightroom, but the best way is only available to those who have a secondary display. Having two monitors cuts your Lightroom selection time to about 1/4 the time you would ordinarily spend, and that’s after cutting your workflow time in half with my other recommendations. If you don’t have a second monitor, it is worth the price to go out and get one.

Using a Secondary Display in Lightroom from Jared Platt on Vimeo.

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The Lightroom Workflow Workshop Tour 2010 from Jared Platt on Vimeo.

Conquer your workflow demons with Jared Platt as your instructor. The Lightroom Workflow Workshop Tour …

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5 Tips on Growing Your Business

Here is an article recently posted on the American Express Open Forum for Small Businesses. These are the five tips for small businesses on growing your business from Dina Kaplanm, co-founder of Blip. TV, a video sharing platform for independent web shows.

Blip. TV was founded five years ago, and in that five years has grown from serving primarily a small group of video bloggers to thousands of users who now use the site to host their own shows and upload produced videos. In that same time Blip. TV has grown to having 96 million video views a month.

You can read the whole article written by Vadim Lavrusik on the Open Forum here.

1. Don’t Try To Be All Things To All People

Kaplan said that when was just starting in 2005, the company went after a discrete market. “We didn’t try to be all things to all people,” she said. …

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How I Shot a Wedding with my Lensbaby

I have been a huge fan of the Lensbaby selective focus lenses since I got a Lensbaby 2.0 years ago. I then starting using the “Franken-Lens”, the Lensbaby 3G, and now I use the Lensbaby Composer with its different interchangeable optics. For years now I have wanted to use a Lensbaby lens to shoot an entire wedding from start to finish.

While the Lensbaby lenses are generally used very sparingly for a few portraits and maybe a few detail/ring shots at any given wedding, certainly nobody would want to do an entire wedding with one. Part of it is that us wedding photographers strive for perfection, this is not really a strong point for a Lensbaby as its purpose in life is to distort perfection by causing a smearing (smudging + tearing) effect that is amplified the further you get away from the focus “sweet spot”. This smearing effect adds a …

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Putting Professional Back Into Photographer

Clients choose a photographer based on two main reasons: they like the photographer’s work, and they like the photographer’s demeanor. However, these initial reactions can be diminished if a client has a bad experience before, during, and after a photo shoot. The best way to create a positive experience with every client is to have professional standards by which your business is run.

From my own practice, mistakes, and peer advice, here is a list of 8 vital ways to ensure “professional” is part of your title as a photographer. Note that none of these items have to do with image style, posing, or creative lighting, so they are all very simple to master right away!

1. Dress Professionally When a family or a couple arrives at a shooting location for their session, more than half of the time they are dressed up for the occasion. There is a strong principle in the …

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Using XMP Sidecar Files to Sync Lightroom with Bridge and Photoshop Camera RAW

Lightroom is my preferred platform for viewing, selecting, editing and delivering images, but occasionally, I need to open images directly into Photoshop, or view a folder of images in Bridge. In either case, the XMP data is the key to making a seamless workflow for that kind of circumstance. This Lightroom lesson explains how to use XMP data to allow a synchronous interaction between Lightroom, Bridge and Photoshop Camera RAW.

Using XMP Sidecar Files to Sync Lightroom with Bridge and Photoshop Camera RAW from Jared Platt on Vimeo.

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How Your Creative Products Can Help Set You Apart

I remember when I first started offering Canvas Gallery Wraps in my first year of business.  I could never see myself as a client purchasing an $800 canvas print, it sounded so expensive.  I really wanted to sell them to my clients instead of the traditional photo print because I loved the way my work looked on the beautiful canvas! But I questioned if clients would actually pay that much for a picture.

I also loved to design and sell coffee table books to my portrait clients.  The books took me a long time to design.  I realized I wasn’t making very much money for the hours I was putting in.  I wasn’t serving my business well by not charging enough for my work. But I just couldn’t see selling a book for $500.

There’s a huge temptation to run your photography business in fear.  Fear that you may never make a …

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