We’ve had the opportunity to work closely with the team over at Adorama on some rewarding projects recently.  In particular, we’ve benefitted from Adorama’s generous support of our national Lens & Learn program, and their commitment to community and education.

A great resource we want to share with all of you is the Adorama Learning Center.  If you haven’t already, be sure to check out all the online and in-person educational content for professional photographers. Specifically, you’ll find in-depth how-to articles, tutorials, product reviews, buying guides and contests…all accessible free of charge.

One of our favorite content sources within the Learning Center is Adorama TV, featuring new episodes on a daily basis where you can learn all about camera techniques, tips & tricks and reviews of ipad and iphone apps for photographers.  The Adorama editorial team answers your questions directly, so if you want to learn or ask a specific question you can find Adorama TV at youtube.com/adoramatv

If you’re coming to New Orleans for PartnerCon be sure to say hi to Joel Meisels (Adorama is sponsoring a variety of speaker sessions, including Joe Buissink, Amber Holritz, Justin & Mary Marantz, Bob Davis, Jules Bianchi and Joy Bianchi Brown).
In the meantime, here’s a clip from Adorama TV featuring an interview with wedding photographer Seshu.  Specializing in a photojournalism approach to multi-ethnic weddings, Seshu describes how he photographs weddings, capturing small details to tell a complete story. He also talks about the challenges of lighting weddings and some solutions that he’s created along the way.

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