If you thought you knew celebrity photographer Joe Buissink, well, think again. In this short film Joe gets RAW and shares information about his life that may shock and amaze you. Then in the extremely poignant and eloquent manner that has become Joe’s trademark speaking style, he makes a strong connection and analogy between the personal demons from his life, and the world of professional photography today. You will come away from this film seeing Joe differently, and you just may see life and your photography differently as well.

This film debuted at Pictage PartnerCon 2010 in New Orleans.  We’re thrilled to share it with you as part of The Photo Life film series. 

Produced by Dare Dreamer Media.


  • Thank you Mr. Buissink for such an amazing testimony! You’ve touched my heart.

  • Megan Clouse says:

    Love it! Particularly liked the message that we’re all going about our business in different ways and neither way is right or wrong.

  • Grant Oakes says:

    Very power stuff Joe, and brave of you to bear your soul like this. You are the quintessence of genuine, one of the most pure individuals I have met.

  • Sherry Ann says:

    That was great! So open and honest and really convicted me on judging others when I have not walked in their shoes! I know better than that! But…. I did with the shoot and burns, thank you Joe for putting it out there so great to really make us think about it!

    Thank you,
    Sherry Ann

  • Armands says:

    Great short movie. I love last few minutes of talk about thinking who you are. Thanks for sharing this.

  • Aliy says:

    I learn something new every time i have the opportunity to hear Joe speak. Candid honesty is a powerful force in this industry and goes a long way.

    Thanks for being willing to share Joe. 🙂

  • Rich Park says:

    wow, amazing – moving – inspiring all at the same time. thank you so much for sharing this video and thank you joe for sharing your life story with us!

  • Brian Palmer says:

    Thank you for sharing Joe! That takes a lot to put everything out there, but at the end of the day when you are real with yourself it’s easy to be real with everyone else. No matter how raw and gritty it can be, the truth is always a beautiful thing.

    There is certainly too much unnecessary judgement in this industry and life as a whole. I hope 2011 brings less of that and more celebration of learning, growth, each others work personal as well as commissioned.

  • I want to meet you in Las Vegas at WPPI. I am one of those newbies (despite my advanced age and photo classes I have taken since 1968.) I too was born in Indonesia, but with a dark-skinned father and white mother. We immigrated to Holland and then the United States. My parents were very sensitive to racial issues and discrimination and stood up to defend others whenever it came up.

    By growing up different I formed a protective bubbly around me and tried to walk, talk, and act like everyone around me. That includes my photography. I’m in the traditional business world as opposed to being a “creative,” I think in part that creatives can subject themselves to criticism and judgment by others. I’m afraid that my approach to photographing portraits and weddings has become another area where I overprepare to avoid taking risks.
    Thanks for your openness in sharing your thoughts, observations, and insight. I don’t drink, but maybe we can share a plate of chicken sate in Vegas. lol

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