Ready to book a job?

To start the process, click “Book” on the Shoot Overview Screen.

You’ll choose whether you’d like to Book the Client Manually in the studio or through an electronic contract online.

Book the Client Manually or through an Electronic Contract

You’ll be taken to one main screen where you’ll customize the details of your booking.  First, choose whether to send an existing or custom package to your Client.

Customize booking details

Next, manage your settings for add-on’s:

Add-on's setting in your client proposal

Review your default payment collection settings or create a new payment schedule:

Collect Payment through ShootQ

Select what workflow you’d like to be applied to the shoot:

Add a Workflow to Your Booking

Select your Contract:

Select a Contract for Your Proposal

Once you’re satisfied with the proposal details for the job, click “Finalize Booking” in the bottom left hand corner to be taken to preview your proposal before sending it off to your client.

Finalize your client proposal


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