Facebook Advertising for Photographers

Creating Facebook Ads for Your Photography Business

Facebook Ads are an excellent way to boost your web marketing.

More than other online paid advertising, Facebook Ads are targeted and personal. Wedding and portrait photography is as personal as it gets. Add on top of that people’s love for sharing their lives online and you have a great way to gain brand exposure and promote your business.

As a wedding photographer, when targeting a Facebook ad, it’s important to specify your audience: Country, State, City, Age range, Gender, Likes and Interests, Connections, Birthdays, Relationship status (yes, you can target only ‘engaged’ couples), Education, Workplaces and more.  With this level of specificity, you can see why its so powerful. You want engaged couples in New York between 25-35 with college degrees and an interest in fashion? Go for it, you decide who see’s your ad.

How To Create Your Next Facebook Ad Facebook makes its money on Ads, so they …

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Facilitating Interaction in a Non-Creative Environment

Bridesmaid Photos Wedding Photography

Every once in a while you come across the perfect wedding day: the weather is favorable, the venue is elaborate, and the wedding party is the most photogenic group you have ever photographed. But all too often you come across a different scene: it’s the coldest day of the year, the venue’s most promising background is a brick wall, and the couple admits that they sometimes feel a little awkward in front of a camera. But, in BOTH of these situations they hired you for your creative work.

How do you remain creative in a non-creative environment while at the same time ensuring that your couple feels and looks relaxed and natural in each frame? One way we do this is by focusing on facilitating interaction.

1. Don’t give them time to think, just react.

It is important to remain open to spontaneity. It will make your images feel free and natural. One …

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Networking: A Case for Authenticity

I have to admit that writing on a topic like network and relationship building feels a bit silly because it inherently implies some sort of expertise on behalf of the author. To clarify upfront- we are not experts. Connected? Yes. Well-liked in our industry? Hopefully. Experts? No. We’ll leave that to the likes of great marketing minds like Seth Godin and Jeffrey Gitomer.

But real life is all we really know. Six years in business and over 200 weddings later, we’ve had the fortune of meeting some incredible partners in our industry—both here in Denver and around the country. In both workshop and mentoring settings, the same conversation surfaces. How did we do it and how can others do the same for themselves?

The textbook answer tells you to: get published in more places, do more style shoots, win the wedding planner over with a family shoot or headshot, gift more gifts …

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No Place Like Home

Instagram of LaCour Family“We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time.” – T. S. Eliot

Sometimes I have to wander far from home to understand what home means to me.

The more I venture to far-flung destinations to photograph weddings and documentary projects, the more I realize that the beauty right in front of me is often the hardest to see. Photographing in a lush garden in Ireland, I smelled cut grass and remembered burying bare toes in my backyard as a child. My home represents belonging, rootedness and unconditional love. Home is my launchpad to the world.

I recently spent some time with acclaimed war photographer Christopher Anderson, who has photographed conflicts in Lebanon, Israel, Venezuela, and many other global hot spots. When Chris became a father, his lens instinctively turned toward his family. Daily rituals such as …

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The Photographer’s Guide to Content Marketing

Content Marketing for Professional Photographers

Just as your sales process should gently guide your clients toward a common goal, so should your blog. Your blog is an effective marketing tool when you use it to connect with ideal clients and guide those clients to a common destination.

This Dispatch will explore the principles of Content Marketing, a concept that uses valuable content to turn potential clients into clients, and clients into repeat clients.


The Content Marketing Field Guide by The Photo Life An In Depth Look at Your Sales Funnel by The Photo Life You Don’t Fit Into a Box by Elizabeth Villa Creating a Client Focused Content Strategy by Erin Youngren 5 Tips for Killer Content by Katie Humphreys


When you started your photography business, you heard that your blog could serve as a valuable marketing tool. Forum participants and industry peers preached that if you were authentic and consis- tent in posting content on your blog, you …

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Why I Travel for Engagement Shoots

Brooklyn Bridge Engagement Photography Session

People ask me all the time why I frequently travel for engagement shoots.  Many photographers balk at driving more than 30 minutes to photograph an engagement session, since the actual shoot time for these sessions is usually a few hours at most.  So why is it that I’m more than eager to hop on a plane and travel across the continent just for a shoot that will last a few hours?

Here’s just a few of the reasons why I love traveling for these engagement shoots:

1. It’s crucial to photograph people in places that are meaningful to them. When I’m traveling for an engagement shoot, I often travel to the place where the couple first met or where they currently live. About half the weddings that I photograph each year are outside of my state of Colorado, but for a good number of people getting married here in Colorado, they come …

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Photography Notes: A Wedding at the Grand Canyon

photographer jared platt

I wanted to take a departure from my normal technical podcast today and talk about a wedding I just photographed and some of my thoughts behind it. This is the first time I’ve done this, but I had such a strong reaction to this wedding and want to learn from this experience by discussing my thoughts and emotions. After all, this is what we’re paid to do, our job is to experience and to learn and to apply that knowledge and wisdom to our photography. So, I thought I would share this exercise with you and I encourage you to try it as well.

Manuel and Samirah were married on the edge of the Grand Canyon, but it was not just their wedding location that made it an interesting wedding. There were so many details that made this wedding extra special. I wanted to talk about them and about the way …

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The Photo Life Podcast: An Interview with Ananda Shorey

Ananda Shorey

I Dwell in Possibility

In this week’s episode we speak with Bay Area photographer and owner of Bliss Fotography, Ananda Shorey, about how she has spent life embracing her fears and charging into the future with trust in experience to deliver her to the place she belonged and how that trust brought her to a life-long dream of living by the shutter.

About Ananda Shorey

Several years ago while sitting in a coffee shop in Tempe, Arizona, I realized I needed to make a change in my life. I had been working as a reporter for The Associated Press for years, covering immigration along the U.S.-Mexico border, which I loved. I felt though that it wasn’t enough. The world is huge and I couldn’t wait to explore it for another second. Within about an hour, I found a photography school in Spain on the Internet that I decided I wanted to attend.  I quit my job as a reporter and a year later I was studying documentary photography in Madrid. I was taught, while spending entire days chatting in cafes and lounging with bottles of …

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4 Tips for Building Valuable Vendor Partnerships that Last

Successful Wedding Take Many Vendors

A wedding is successful because of the collaboration of multiple vendors, working together for their client. When each vendor works together the event goes on beautifully. That is why we refer to each company that was a part of a wedding day not as vendors but as partners. A partner is “a friend who shares a common interest or participates in achieving a common goal.”

Face it, we could all use more business. Developing meaningful partnerships, is one way to get more business. With that in mind, here are a few ways you can provide a wonderful experience with wedding partners and build those relationship to help grow your business.

These easy tips will guarantee your business to grow with new referrals from new partners. It’s as simple as these four steps – Greeting, Writing, Giving and Meeting.

Greeting: First Contact

Since we only allow for a limited number of commissioned weddings a year, …

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How to Bring out the Best in Your Boudoir Client, Part 1: Overcoming Doubts & Fears

Christa Meola Nude Boudoir Photography Workshops

Bringing out the best in a real woman starts with letting her know what to expect and taking the performance pressure off of her. Most women who approach me for a shoot have similar concerns and hesitations. Make sure to address each of them by keeping it light with a sense of humor, validating her feelings, and letting her know what to expect. The most common doubts I hear are:

“I DON’T KNOW HOW TO POSE.” I usually respond to this hesitation with a laugh and say, “Good! Let’s not do that.” I explain how I’ll coach her by giving her simple directions, like “toss your hair.” I also reassure her that I will always demonstrate what I have in mind first. I make sure to let her know that we’ll take a bunch of shots and not to worry because we’ll delete any pictures we don’t absolutely love! This will take …

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