What Makes an Awesome Photography Portfolio

Creating an Awesome Photography Portfolio

I can still remember when I went in for my first real interview for a co-op placement in high school. All dolled up by my parents, I either looked like I was going to my wedding or I was applying for early acceptance to Harvard.

I’m not sure that the hiring manager noticed that the colour of my shoes matched my belt, or that I was rocking Helvetica on my resumé, but what I know they noticed was that I was well-spoken, and looked like I knew what the hell I was talking about.

You see, this manager had bad previous experience with co-op students, and hadn’t brought anyone on to help out in the last few years because of that. I, however, came highly recommended and so the proverbial door was opened for me to seal the deal.

Needless to say, I not only got the gig, but they ended up offered …

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How Can Light Create Mood?

Photography Lighting

As a photographer, lighting is everything to me. Light describes how I feel about an image and expresses to the world how I feel as a photographer. Light is to my photography as the air is to my lungs. My images can’t live without it.

Watching the way a shadow wraps around a woman’s body to accentuate her curves, or the way the catch lights are caught in her eyes is part of what I love about creating images. The use of light is more of my paintbrush than my camera at times, whether I want sun flare while outside or a hair light while in studio, it is the light that I am always looking for.

I was told a long time ago, in my first photo class, that a great image has mystery, ambiguity and contradiction. All three can be created with light. Shadows create ambiguity and have mystery if …

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Stop Wasting Time, Money and Energy in Your Business!

The Wormpit Technique for Photographer Efficiency

Leeann is a ShootQ Accredited Consultant or ACE. Contact her to schedule a custom ShootQ consultation!

It’s 2012, and a new year is here! A new year naturally brings changes, goals, and new adventures. Typically, as a business owner, the new year also brings a time to examine your business and asses how you can make changes – it’s a great time for improvement!

One way to approach change in the new year is to look at the way you do things in your business. Everything – from emailing to editing to shooting – is a process in your business, and every process inherently contains waste. There’s no getting around it – whether you are wasting time, money, or energy, there is always room for improvement.

Not sure where to start? Try using the WORMPIT technique to identify wasteful areas in your business.

W: Waiting. How can you reduce the amount of time spent waiting on images to …

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