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What if Photographers Stopped Trying to Combat Change and Embraced it Instead?

It’s a question worth asking again and again. And again! That’s why this Dispatch seems familiar to you. It is. Re-releasing “The Mashable Movement” is a challenge to you to consider this inescapable question and find your unique answer.

What if YOU stopped combatting change and embraced it instead? What would that look like in your unique business?

Let’s take a look together.

What’s Inside:

A challenge to look at your photography business in a different way, to see your clients as collaborators rather than consumers. Inside you’ll also find practical tools for identifying the collaboration methods that work for your business.

Take a Look:

Collaboration can’t be formulaic, which is a good thing because neither can your business! In this Dispatch we aren’t offering quick-fix solutions for collaborative success. Instead we’re offering a road map to find the right direction for your unique business.

In this worksheet we’ll identify specific avenues of collaboration for your business, both through products and creative processes.

Curious about how to utilize collaborative techniques throughout the client experience without committing to unfamiliar mashable products? Reflect on these questions. You might be surprised by the ideas you come up with!

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