What’s new with ShootQ? That’s right – there’s a new a batch of updates to ShootQ that will help you streamline your photography business.

There are a few features we think everyone will appreciate, but Portrait Photographers will find these updates especially useful. This release is the first of two phases, so be on the lookout for more improvements in the near future!

Here are a few highlights:

• More Customization: We created a slew of new variables for Contracts, Emails, and Invoice Templates to give you more flexibility & customization. Check ’em out today and let us know what you think!

• Creating a Shoot Just Got Faster: We added a button to every Relationship so you can load a Quick Lead and create a Shoot in just a few clicks. It’s super simple!

• Add Some Urgency: A new setting allows you to set a custom time-frame for every Proposal. Setting time limits on Booking Proposals can help you encourage clients to book more efficiently. Win-win!

• Assign Personnel to Appointments: you can now assign personnel to specific Appointments whether booked manually or requested.

Wait, there’s more! We also added brand-specific email signatures, improved Pictage event website integration, and made additional improvements to Nimbus. Read all about these awesome updates, and see screenshots of the new features, in this forum post.

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