How to See the World Like a Child

I once had a professor who told me to always think like a child. Out of all the things I learned during my university days, I took these simple words of wisdom and carried them through my years as a professional photographer.

Children get excited about the smallest things; they see life innocently and they don’t have filters. As they grow and mature, they adapt their thinking and perspectives based on parental principles and societal pressures.

They learn to judge, to hate, to see a cloud as a cloud – not as a big, roaring lion or a unicorn floating in a sky. Things become “normal” and nothing is as exciting as it once was.

I think my professor was onto something when he compared artists to children. We must keep our innocence – in both our vision and our thoughts. Our thoughts carry over to our vision; our vision creates …

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To Glorify Your Own Success or Help Your Audience Find Their Own?

To Glorify Your Own Success or Help Your Audience Find Their Own?

When you run a small business, it’s hard to find the line where your business ends and you begin. Because of how closely linked you are to your business, it’s often easiest to focus on yourself and your company instead of creating content that’s client-focused and provides your audience with real value.

But what’s easiest isn’t always what’s most effective.

You’ve probably noticed that some lucky folks have built a large audience of fans and followers by focusing on themselves. They’ve done it mostly glorifying their success instead of showing others how to find their own success.

However, there’s a downside to making your audience want to be you instead of providing real value in showing them how to be the best version of themselves.

1. Fans and followers don’t always equate to big-picture business success.

Don’t be fooled by 1,000,000 Twitter followers! Just because 1,000,000 people find you interesting in 140 characters, doesn’t actually mean they’ll buy anything …

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Tips to Give Brides Before Boudoir Photography Sessions


Today’s modern bride is classy, confident and fearless. As a boudoir studio that’s been around since the 1990s, we’ve seen our share of brides. We’ve been shooting bride’s boudoir photographs since 1997. Today’s brides want the best of everything, they know they deserve it, and they’ll stop short of nothing to get it. From booking reception locations to florists and caterers, they spare no expense. This is also true when it comes to giving the groom a gift he’ll never forget. Boudoir photographs have become the number one gift on the bride’s list.

Many brides ponder booking a sexy boudoir photo shoot, but when it comes to actually making that call, they have all kinds of questions and doubts that go through their minds. That’s why we send brides a helpful list of tips when they book their boudoir photo shoot. We want them to be prepared long before they come in to …

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Make More Money with Event Cards


If you’re an event photographer, there’s no better opportunity to reach your target market than at an actual event. No matter what kind of event it is — a wedding, mitzvah or birthday party — most of your client’s guests are potential NEW clients for you! Traditionally, client communities consist of similar socioeconomic classes and aesthetic preferences. So, the guests at that event this weekend are prime examples of your target market! And if your client liked you enough to hire you, then many of their guests might too. Don’t pass up an opportunity to market directly to them.

Spread the word at the event – use event cards! Not only will you give them a take-away with your contact information, but you’ll also give them the keys to access the photos from the event.

Many companies, like Pictage, provide turnkey solutions for event cards. Or you can make them yourself. Here are …

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Marry New Media & Traditional Connections to Market Your Business

Marrying New Media and Traditional Connections to Market Your Business Effectively

Today, I’m able to strategically pick where I spend my advertising dollars since I have so many other avenues of connection to people in the industry. I flipped my strategy and am now marketing more heavily to these industry connections rather than directly to my clients. If I can prove to be a valuable asset to my industry colleagues, they will naturally promote my services to their clients. And this tactic directly translates into social media.

My colleagues promote my services on Facebook, Linked In and on their websites without ever having to directly say “hire these photographers because”…. All they have to do is show off what I’ve done for them with a link to any one of my online presences and my images become viral.

When my network shares my content, it creates value for me because they help me build my brand, my reputation, my credibility and …

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3 Ways Twitter Enhances Email Marketing

Twitter is not just another social network. Other than Facebook, it’s one of the most important social sites you should be active on. Alongside email marketing and Search Engine Optimization, social media is part of any comprehensive marketing strategy.

Twitter in particular, is a fast paced, interactive platform and that means you need to stay active yourself. Luckily, staying visible and sharing your email content is easy with Mad Mimi!

Here’s some tips on being a Twitter and Email pro:

1. Share your newsletters on Twitter

Twitter is a powerful way to share content and that’s exactly why your content should be there! While you can’t possibly condense your Mad Mimi newsletter into 140 characters (click here for some Twitter trivia), the good news is, you don’t need to. Use Mad Mimi’s “Share” button to tweet your newsletter, complete with Twitter friendly link.

Pro Tip: You can also encourage Twitter followers to sign up.

Mad Mimi …

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Three Ways to Increase Your Business Likeability Factor

Three Ways to Increase Your Business Likeability Factor

At the end of the day, people want to do business with companies they like.

Of course, it’s important to have a great product or service and consistently deliver on your promises. But when someone is comparing your service to a competitor’s, how much they like your company is going to be a huge factor in determining if they choose to purchase your product. Whether it’s a conscious decision or not, emotions play a huge role in the buying process, so it’s important that your company has a personality that your audience wants to get to know and can connect with.

Tim Sanders, in his book The Likeability Factor, says that in all areas of life, it’s proven over and over that people choose who they like. That’s why it’s important to work at increasing your business’ likeability factor.

It just so happens that the content you share is a great way to let people get …

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How to Create Blog Posts that Appeal to your Ideal Client


A few years ago, photography sites were often built in Flash and were complicated to update. Now, thanks to technology (and WordPress), you can create an awesome website without being a ‘techy’ person. That also means you can update your blog by yourself, without having to pay a designer and wait for them to do the job. But creating content means understanding how to create blog posts that appeal to your ideal client.

Why blog, anyway?

Your blog keeps you in continual conversation with past clients, future clients and professional partners. It showcases your latest work and your unique style. Blog visitors want to see the latest, newest, freshest thing. If they get hooked, they may check past blog posts to find a specific location or shoot. Regardless, blog visitors instinctively go to the most recent post.

It’s easy to put together a wedding gallery with “best of” images, but blog visitors are …

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What the latest Facebook Changes Mean for your Business

What the latest Facebook Changes Mean for your Company

The sky is falling! Actually, it’s not that bad. Facebook is just making changes to the News Feed functionality and design. Although Facebook makes lots of updates, this time you should probably pay attention. Learn what the latest Facebook changes mean for your business. Otherwise, your brand may fall out of your clients’ news feed. And that means you’ll be out of sight AND out of mind.

The two biggest changes Facebook unveiled are:

Rich Stories – will display photos and videos more prominently, placing more emphasis on visual content. Choice of Feeds – will give users more control over stories they see.

So, what do the latest Facebook changes mean for your business?

Your audience can choose to tune out content from your business. Even if a client ‘Likes’ your page, they can still tune you out by looking at their ‘All Friends Feed.’ The only way your content will get into the ‘All Friends Feed’ is if a user’s friends share content from your page.

More importantly, …

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How to Create a Home-Based Photography Studio: Part 3

In Part One of this series, we discussed reasons for creating a home-based photography studio. In Part Two, we shared the Studio Self-Inventory, a list of questions that identified your priorities before getting started on your own studio project. Now, I have our finished studio to share with you, along with specific solutions we are using to maximize our space.

My first home-based photography studio was a converted spare bedroom. That 10’x12’ room felt VERY tiny, but it got the job done for baby and toddler sessions. It was also a great way to fine-tune my wish list for a bigger space. If you are itching for a studio but don’t have the budget for a renovation or addition, consider using space you already have while saving money for your dream studio. After having a small studio you will be that much more prepared to identify your priorities when you’re ready …

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