Photographer Robyn McIsaac is a Tennessee-based professional who won our image contest entitled, “Your Best Shot of the Summer.”

For her creativity and efforts, Robyn won some sweet ShootQ prizes! But more important, she won the hearts of many viewers who saw her winning image, entitled “Little Miss America.”

The Photo Life team was eager to hear more about Robyn’s heartfelt image, including how she created it and what it means to her clients.

Here’s a glimpse into Robyn’s creative process:

“When this tiny one arrived for her ‘welcome to the world’ photo shoot, her parents came in carrying this vest that weighed a ton more than she would have soaking wet.”

Immediately interested in the story behind the vest, Robyn inquired. Her client opened up, and the resulting image took on more meaning.

“The Mom shared their story, that her husband was deployed very suddenly and secretly just two very long days before she discovered they were pregnant. The heavy vest brought him home safely from war to meet his daughter.”

Robyn continued, “As I tried not to completely choke up for this newborn session, I knew we had to feature this story of her beginning. We placed the helmet upside down to cradle Little Miss America and she slept safe and sound where her Daddy’s boots rested.”

With her camera positioned to capture the image, Robyn knew she was making a photograph that her client will never forget – specifically how this little girl’s father nearly sacrificed everything for freedom.

“I am so proud for this family that their sacrifice for our country will capture the attention it deserves through ShootQ’s contest. I want to thank everyone who spread the word so the story could be shared so widely!”


RobynRobyn is a lifelong resident of Wilson County, Tennessee. She is an animal lover who is currently trying to edit her last shoots with a new kitten thinking her typing fingers are toys.Her daddy taught her a passion for making people laugh and built her her first darkroom in the basement in high school. She is constantly improving her game with professional photographer mentors and new techniques so everyone she shoots isn’t leaning back against a brick wall- so 2012! After many shoots with musicians in Nashville and their children, she will tell you that their art isn’t just having a good instrument and her art isn’t just having a good camera. She aims to give you a one of a kind experience and to turn you into a sneezer that keeps you and your friends coming back for a lifetime. It’s kind of a selfish goal really- she wants to see all of your babies grow up to be seniors and then adults with professions and families of their own.Her son, Kamron, is also part of the business as he is learning photography (while not smashing into other 10 year olds on the football field), and is even the photographer of her bio shots. Her daughter, Ella, is always a willing model for new lighting and camera angles and photo shoot ideas when she isn’t busy cheering on the Mt. Juliet Bears!And her husband, Chris, is up for the challenge of running the kiddos to practice when Robyn isn’t shooting, editing or planning their next adventure. In his spare time, he is a hero for the Metro Police Department.

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  • Whilst I am celebrating small things, I wanted to appreciate my clients. I remember when starting out as a photographer I would get SO stressed by family shoots, now they are my real joy! I have lunatic families that run around like banshees and embrace spontaneity in every way, others are gentle, ordinary and make no fuss allowing me to capture them as they are. I am treated kindly and with respect and people are ever so grateful that when I hand over their final package of images it feels like I have travelled a distance in time with them and we come full circle.

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