ShootQ_JeremyChou_BlogImagePhoto: Jeremy Chou


Jeremy Chou started his career as an architect. He was successful and had a good job, but something was missing: creativity. Initially picking up a camera for a creative outlet outside of work, Jeremy soon booked his first wedding. Then his bookings started to pickup, and after 30 months and nearly 50 weddings, he was able to leave his old job and run his professional photography business full time.

In this case study, you’ll learn:

  • • How ShootQ helped Jeremy Chou quit his day job and focus on his photography business full time
  • • How ShootQ helped Jeremy Chou build and grow his photography business
  • • How ShootQ helped Jeremy Chou improve customer service
  • • How ShootQ saves Jeremy Chou time and money, so he can shoot more and work less


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