Thank you to everyone who entered this year’s Inspire Photo Contest, sponsored by ShootQ. We received some fantastic and diverse entries.

And the winners are …

First Place: Taylor Whitham, t.Dow Photography
Second Place: Jeff Turner, Black Thumb Studio
Third Place: David Apuzzo, David Apuzzo Photography

© Taylor Witham

First Place Winner (508 Votes): Photo by Taylor Whitham, t.Dow Photography


© Jeff Turner

Second Place Winner (389 Votes): Photo by Jeff Turner, Black Thumb Studio


©David Apuzzo

Third Place Winner (212 Votes): Photo by David Apuzzo, David Apuzzo Photography


© Kelly Cronin Bicknell

Photo by Kelly Cronin Bicknell, Kelly Cronin Photography

© Stephanie Krist

Photo by Stephanie Krist, Stephanie Rita Photography

© Michael Hanlon

Photo by Michael Hanlon, Hanlon-Fiske Studios

© Danielle Klein-Williams

Photo by Danielle Klein-Williams, dani. fine photography

© Dawn Ferragamo

Photo by Dawn Ferragamo, Dawn Ferragamo Photography

© Christina Richards

Photo by Christina Richards, Christina Richards Photography

© Marina DeMarco

Photo by Marina DeMarco, Lumina By Marina

© Bryan Jamieson

Photo by Bryan Jamieson, Bryan Michael Photography, LTD.

© Will Wohler

Photo by Will Wohler, Will Wohler Photography

© Elizabeth Clark Libert

Photo by Elizabeth Clark Libert, Elizabeth Clark Photography, LLC


Photo by Christine Maus, Studio Nouveau

© Sue Bruce

Photo by Sue Bruce, Sue Bruce Photography

© Hilary Stock

Photo by Hilary Stock, HilaryColleen Photography

© Joanne Minor

Photo by Joanne Minor, Minor Moments Photography

© Nicole Taylor

Photo by Nicole Taylor, Nicole Taylor Photography

© Scott Wendland

Photo by Scott Wendland, YM2 Images

© Julie McCarthy

Photo by Julie McCarthy , Julie Surette Photography

© Erica Porter

Photo by Erica Porter, Erica Porter Photography

© Anna Sawin

Photo by Anna Sawin, Anna Sawin Photography

© Donna DeSimone

Photo by Donna DeSimone, Donna DeSimone Photography

© Heather McKay

Photo by Heather McKay, McKay’s Photography

© Tara Hamer

Photo by Tara Hamer, TARA

© Catherine Morris

Photo by Catherine Morris, Catherine Morris Photography

© Nicole Bushey

Photo by Nicole Bushey, Nicole Bushey Photography

© Joanne Lee

Photo by Joanne Lee, Joanne Lee Photography

© Kiera Slye

Photo by Kiera Slye, Kiera Slye Photography

© Aida Krgin

Photo by Aida Krgin, Aida Krgin Photography

© Seshu

Photo by Seshu, Seshu Photography

© Rebecca Ickes

Photo by Rebecca Ickes, Rebecca Marie Photography & Design

© Ashley Scobey

Photo by Ashley Scobey, Scobey Photography

© Graham Scobey

Photo by Graham Scobey, Scobey Photography

© Maria OBrien

Photo by Maria O’Brien, Two Shots Photography

© Kimberly Hatch

Photo by Kimberly Hatch, Kimberly Hatch Photography

© Kristina O'Brien

Photo by Kristina O’Brien, Kristina O’Brien Photography

© Kristin Chalmers

Photo by Kristin Chalmers, Kristin Chalmers Photography


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