End of Season ReBoot

enna grazier tintype photo END OF SEASON REBOOT! By Enna Grazier Enna has a deep love of big sky spaces, chocolate, and travel. She founded Inspire Photo Retreats​ (www.inspirephotoretreats.com) with the support of many talented and generous photographers, and now co-­produces it with Mark Higgins and Eric Foley. Enna lives in New Hampshire and runs Grazier Photography​ (www.grazierphotography.com) a wedding photography studio with her husband Matt.

Enna in front of woodpile – “tintype by Matt Grazier”

It’s that most exhausting time of year for wedding photographers again: we are feeling the image fatigue, the muscle fatigue, and the ache of not having enough time for clients, friends, family, and self.

One of Enna’s favorite images from 2015. A quiet moment with the bride before her wedding ceremony.

I’ve learned over the years that I need to step back and re-group my visual self, my social life, and my physical body. Even though I’m swamped I’ve learned it’s …

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