Learn how ShootQ helps wedding photographer Carla Ten Eyck manage her business and maintain work-life balance.

A ShootQ user for more than five years, Carla Ten Eyck recalls, “It was the only thing at the time. There was so much talk about how to stay organized, how to run your studio, etc. My PUG (Photographer User Group) shared information about ShootQ and discussed it. It’s a very analytical group, so we went through all the pros and cons. Once one of our group members signed up, it picked up like wildfire. It just made sense.”

In this case study, you’ll learn:

  • • How ShootQ helps Carla Ten Eyck stay organized with all her business information in one place
  • • How ShootQ keeps Carla Ten Eyck connected on the go
  • • How ShootQ gives Carla Ten Eyck peace of mind
  • • How ShootQ allows Carla Ten Eyck to shoot more and work less
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