How to Create Blog Posts that Appeal to your Ideal Client


A few years ago, photography sites were often built in Flash and were complicated to update. Now, thanks to technology (and WordPress), you can create an awesome website without being a ‘techy’ person. That also means you can update your blog by yourself, without having to pay a designer and wait for them to do the job. But creating content means understanding how to create blog posts that appeal to your ideal client.

Why blog, anyway?

Your blog keeps you in continual conversation with past clients, future clients and professional partners. It showcases your latest work and your unique style. Blog visitors want to see the latest, newest, freshest thing. If they get hooked, they may check past blog posts to find a specific location or shoot. Regardless, blog visitors instinctively go to the most recent post.

It’s easy to put together a wedding gallery with “best of” images, but blog visitors are …

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