How Pinterest Can Help You Maximize Your Brand

We spend our days helping photographers build stronger, sustainable brands. Part of our process is helping companies maintain consistency across all online platforms. These include Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, websites, blogs and, yes, even Pinterest! As a business owner, everything you put on the web affects the perception people have of you.

Here’s how Pinterest can help you maximize your brand:   

Build Brand Consistency A common missed opportunity for brands across social media platforms is the ability to deliver a clear, consistent message. Pinterest is no exception. Consider it an extension of your brand. Your boards should:

Reflect your style as a photographer. Appeal to your ideal client. Reflect things you and your ideal client care about. Be clearly titled (in other words, don’t be cryptic or clever unless that’s your schtick). Include a description that reinforces the value behind the board’s content. Have a compelling board cover. (If you want to get a gold star, all of your …

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How to be Irresistible to Ideal Clients

Photo by Gary and Courtney

One of the biggest buzz phrases in photographers’ conversations about “branding” is the concept of your “Ideal Client.”

We are repeatedly told to identify our ideal client. As a concept, this seems to makes sense. And it’s an easy thing to say!

But how exactly do you do it?

So let’s cut the crap and figure out why exactly your ideal client matters and how exactly to identify them.

Identifying your ideal client matters for two reasons:

1) Your ideal client will help you reach your goals. Without the right client, you’ll never reach your goal of making X amount of money a year, or doing more destination weddings, being published on _______ blog or in ______ magazine, or even going full-time as a photographer. If a client isn’t going to help you get closer to your goals (whatever they may be), then they are not your ideal client.

2) Your ideal client will help you …

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