The Images that Reflect Your Photography Brand

When I first started out, I was the photographer who didn’t think before clicking. I was usually pretty nervous working with clients during a shoot, and rapid fire just seemed like the easy way out. Months went by! I kept my trigger-finger pretty busy and soon enough I had amassed an incredible volume of images. It wasn’t until I stopped one day to evaluate my own work that I realized how random and unoriginal my photography truly appeared. There was little consistency in terms of style, and my work really didn’t seem any different compared to the photographer next door. Something had to change!

I immediately began to dissect my images after every shoot. Over time, I became much more critical of my work; asking myself questions like:

Which images was I really proud of? Why? Among these images, what seemed to work? Was it the location, posing, lighting? Would it be possible to …

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Word of Mouth Marketing for Photographers

Written by Binita Patel

A happy customer is the greatest endorsement any business could ask for. After all, happy customers are likely to say great things about your business, and people trust recommendations from the happy customers they know. Hearing a positive testimony from a friend or family could mean the difference between ‘maybe’ and ‘definitely’ for your next client.

So the big question is: How do we create happy customers who want to proactively endorse our business? Well, it all starts with the customers you already have. Remember, your current customers already know you, like you and trust you. So the key is to leverage these existing relationships to create a self-perpetuating cycle of positive word-of-mouth.

Let’s give them something to talk about. Creating word-of-mouth momentum means giving people a reason to talk about you, your products and your services. In today’s competitive environment, simply meeting your customers’ expectations isn’t enough for them to give you a glowing review. We need …

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Taking the Financial Plunge, Going Full-Time

Taking the Plunge to Full Time Photographer

It usually starts with an inner voice. You might work a 9-5 to pay the bills; but with each passing day, that little voice gets louder and louder… telling you that photography just has to be a bigger part of your life. Taking the plunge and diving full-time into photography can be really exciting. But as creative artists, the idea of managing finances and getting a new business off the ground can be completely nerve-wracking. Here are 5 helpful hints for managing the finances of your new business.

1. Initial investments. One of the most important steps in getting started with a full-time photography business is knowing what some of your initial investments will need to be. Not only does this include things like the initial purchase of photo equipment, but other business-related investments such as the cost of establishing a legal business identity, opening a business bank account, securing …

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