Do’s and Don’ts of Copyright

David Esquire laughs when I call him a copyright evangelist. It’s a knowing, admitting laugh. “I am a big fan of not only protecting my work, but encouraging photographers and other artists to respect each other’s work and not steal it,” says the intense, passionate California-based wedding and portrait photographer.

He knows there’s plenty of copyright violators outside the photo community. There are plenty of companies and clients that overstep licenses, assuming images posted online are free. But he’s looking inward, too, at what we photographers do. In fact, we weaken the moral high ground more than we should. Rather than running roughshod over fellow creatives’ copyright, we need to take a stand to protect copyright.

Are we doing what’s right for copyright?

Esquire’s Copyright Do’s and Don’ts:

DO stick up for your rights, by carefully reviewing proposed contracts to ensure you’re not giving away ownership of the copyright. License whatever you wish (as …

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