Digital vs. Physical

Written by Ed Monahan of Eastman Kodak

It’s no secret. Printing has substantially declined in recent years. With a glut of devices that take pictures – digital cameras, smart phones, iTouch and handheld video devices – consumers capture more images than ever before, while at the same time, print fewer. Rather than focus strictly on the numbers of prints being made (or in this case, not made), I try to understand the reasons behind the numbers – why do consumers increasingly opt out of printed images and more importantly, how do we bring them back?

In recent years, everyone, from high-end professional labs to online consumer services, has introduced some kind of photo book offering, Kodak included. Yet, with all of these offerings, we have yet to see movement toward widespread adoption, and purchase, of these premiums.

So first, let’s take a step back and think about what we do know. We know …

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