A Little Love Note about Outsourcing

Before and After Outsourcing Editing

Have you ever wanted to hand-deliver beautiful canvases to your clients instead of shipping them? Or send little love notes to your clients after a shoot telling them how great they did?

Meet Erica Schneider, a San Diego based photographer, who shares her story of moving from stress to sustaining personal client relationships.

In the midst of a busy 2010 wedding season, I found myself completely overwhelmed with editing shoots. Struggling to keep up with thousands of images a week, I began to loathe sorting and dreaded editing even more. I was stressed, busy and unable to focus on the aspect of my business I most wanted to focus on – customer service.

I longed to have enough time in my day to send little email love notes to my clients the day after a shoot telling them how great they did, or a welcome-home-from-your-honeymoon love note. I wished I could hand-deliver prints …

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