How to Prepare for WPPI – Q&A

So, who better to give advice to Erin and other photographers who are wanting to know how to get the most out of the best show in the industry?

The interview below is the product of Erin’s questions and Skip’s answers and advice. This is the first of a series between Skip’s blog and ours featuring Skip and Erin as they go through the WPPI process together.

Don’t forget to comment below with any questions or advice. Enjoy! We look forward to seeing you at WPPI.

Erin Saldana: What sort of atmosphere, characteristics (and really anything else) can I expect from an experience at WPPI this year?

Skip Cohen: Year after year WPPI is about energy and that’s probably what will hit you first. It sounds almost hokey, but it’s like the biggest family reunion you’ve ever been to…on steroids.  Even last year, in one of the worst economies in history, people were simply …

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