Tips for Making the Most of Rainy Day Weddings

How Wedding Photographers Can Take Advantage of Rainy Days

While we all dream of gorgeous warm summer evenings and couples wrapped in golden hour light, sometimes Mother Nature has other plans.  As a wedding photographer working throughout Maine and New England, I’ve seen my share of challenging weather conditions, including shooting three beautiful hurricane weddings.

Some of my favorite images have come out of the dreariest and stormiest wedding days. I truly believe the limitations of rain push the edges of personal creativity. Rain can be challenging, but it can also take your photography to greater heights and bring incomparable emotional depth to your image making.

When rain starts to fall, something magical happens: the typical wedding day stress melts like an exhaling of expectations. Everyone moves into a more relaxed state and into the present moment. This can translate directly into your images. It’s no longer about being perfect or ideal.

The conversation shifts and sounds like this…”let’s make …

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