Backup and Archiving Demystified Part 1

Raid 1 and Raid 5 ComparisonA Scary Tale of Loss and Tragedy

Imagine it is late one evening, a cold wind is howling outside your window and you have been chained to your computer, editing all day, feverishly working on customer images to meet a looming deadline. This might seem like the scary part of the story, but it’s not. You have worked on hundreds of images during the day and BAM! your drive fails. Insert scream of terror here, this is the scary part. If you are working on a single drive now the weeping, pounding on the table and wails of despair would begin. Eventually your tears would dry and you would be faced with the cold hard reality that you will need to restore the files from your backup. Which means those long hours spent working were for naught and those beautiful edits will have to be done all over again.  So you revert into a catatonic state until …

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